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“Sigfus the Shield” Woolen Hat

Winter Viking hat with hand stitches


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“Sigfus the Shield” Woolen Hat

Winter Viking hat with hand stitches

Fashion in the Middle Ages was all about comfort. But people used to also take care of their looks at all times. Back then, clothes were made from only natural materials. Linen, wool, and sometimes cotton were what they could choose from. In our Viking collection, you can find different items of these materials. We use authentic designs which are simple and functional to help you become a real Viking. Just take a look at this woolen hat. Its main task is to keep you warm and be comfortable no matter what you are doing.

Why do people actually use headgear? First of all, to protect the head and ears from the cold. Another popular reason is religion. Both men and women have to cover their heads with hoods according to different beliefs. One more reason is the military. There are many different hats for armies including French bicorne worn by Napoleon. Besides, fashion changed hats in various ways, and people who wanted to look stylish had to keep up with it. Cloche hats for ladies and top hats for gentlemen could serve as examples for it.

But here, we keep to the historical Viking hat that combines comfort, functionality, and style. Such a beanie would be convenient for everyday life. As we know, Vikings were occupied with sailing, farming, fishing, and hunting, as well as of course raiding and pirating. The designs we are using worked perfectly for all that, so you can be sure that you can use such items for any activity nowadays.

The beanie consists of eight parts. The seams between them are decorated with contrasting stitching that matches hat trim and accents. We need the trim so that the hat protects you not only from the cold but also from the evil spirit. On the inside, you find natural fine flax linen lining. It makes the hat soft and nice to wear. With this hat, you will not be afraid of cold winters. Besides, it can complete your stylish Viking outfit.

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  • High-quality natural wool;
  • Fine flax linen lining;
  • Viking trim.


  • Viking style;
  • Woolen accents;
  • Decorative stitching;
  • Armstreet trim;
  • Warm.

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1 feedback

  • Bríghid 30 of November 2022:

    When is Sigfus, the Shield's woolen hat likely to be available again?

    ArmStreet Team:

    We are out of wool for it at the moment, unfortunately. 

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