“Sigfus the Shield” Woolen Kaftan

Limited Edition Embroidered Viking Coat


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Limited Edition Kaftan “Sigfus the Shield” 

Embroidered Woolen Viking Coat

Sigfus’s teeth were long since cut on the battlefield, and his days of fighting to prove his worth were far behind him. His nerves were still alert and on edge, not entirely adjusted to the quieter life as a personal bodyguard. Perhaps that’s what made him such an adept defender – an unsettled mind is always prepared to jump into battle, after all.

Available for a limited time, this addition to our bestselling Viking collection will complete your winter wardrobe. Made from warm materials and sporting limited edition wool as well as new, ArmStreet designed embroidery, this Kaftan makes you battle-ready and comfortable at the same time.

This kaftan is true to Viking style, providing you with a stylish way to stay warm without just using a cloak or blanket. Though you can layer a cloak over if you wish, we’ve designed this to keep you nice and toasty without the bulk. Kaftans were a popular item for Vikings to wear and were often made of warm, thin wool and worn over a tunic or other undergarments.

Our “Sigfus the Shield” kaftan can be worn open or closed and overlapping. When closed it has a V-neck crossover at the front, securing on the inside with ties. We advise layering a belt on top to keep it closed if you want a tighter fit around the waist, or just wearing it open. It features long sleeves, and is shorter at the bottom hem than our other men’s Viking kaftans, to allow you room to jump, dance, fight and run without a heavy coat covering your legs.

This is a truly cozy kaftan, lined with faux-shearling that is incredibly soft and looks very close to the real thing. It is entirely lined on the inside, doubling over at the cuffs and hems for a double layer of warmth against your skin which has the added bonus of framing the garment nicely.

The most magnificent part of this kaftan is of course the hand embroidery, expertly applied by our in-house masters. This team of embroiderers work exclusively on hand finishing our garments and have decades of experience between them perfecting their craft. The embroidery itself has been created by our design team, who worked hard to research Viking history and artwork and come up with something that’s true to the Viking spirit but still unique to ArmStreet. You’ll find basic herringbone embroidery on the sleeve seams, the central back seam and around the gores, and incredibly ornate wolf embroidery on the chest and around the bottom front hem of the kaftan.

The limited-edition aspect of this kaftan is the material. It is made from an extremely luxurious brown Italian wool which we were only able to obtain in a limited quantity. This wool drapes wonderfully, is very warm, and repels water. Wool is the ideal material for all weather, as it’s nice and breathable.

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  • Limited-edition Italian Wool;
  • Faux-shearling;
  • Linen laces;
  • Linen embroidery thread.


  • Limited edition – only 30 available;
  • ArmStreet exclusive design;
  • Hand embroidery;
  • Viking inspired;
  • Warm faux-shearling lining.

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1 Comment

  • Phoenix Stent 02 of February 2022:

    Is it possible that this will be made in the future again? Because he design is absolute fantastic.

    ArmStreet Team:

    It is a limited edition. Once the coat is sold out, it won't be possible to purchase it anymore. 

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