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Linen Embroidered Viking Tunic “Jarl Eric”

Linen Embroidered Viking Tunic “Jarl Eric”

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Tunic color:

Sackcloth flax linen

Accents color:

Blue hopsack flax linen


inches cm

“From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord.”

Tunic “Jarl Eric”

Exclusive Viking tunic with embroidery

Making this tunic we've tried to recreate authentic look of Ealy Middle-Ages clothes. Sackloth natural linen has been used as main material. Tunic's cuffs, hem and neckhole are decorated with thick hopsacking linen. Water-dragons theme we used for the trim pattern are typical for the Scandinavian mythology. This trim has been designed and exclusively manufactured for our Viking collection. Tunic's pattern is completely historically accurate and based on excavations at Birka, Sweden.

As well as many other ancient people, Vikings have attached sacral importance to clothes and throat was a very important part of human's body as a place soul is leaving body of. So, when possible, Vikings have paid an extra attention to neckhole decorations. Following them we decoarated this tunic's neckhole with hand-embroidery. This embroidery recreates original samples of Norman embroidery technic, it is very labourious but looks really great and authentic. Embroidered water-dragons on the neck decoratins resonates with trim pattern. Whole neck element edge is covered with thick thread hand-seam.


  • Sackcloth natural linen;
  • Blue hopsack linen accents;
  • Exclusive trim;

Tunic features:

  • Historically accurate (Birka, Sweden excavation) design;
  • Water-dragons exclusive trim;
  • Water-dragons handmade embroidery;
  • Cuffs, hem and neckhole contrast hopsack linen decorations;
  • Perfect manufacture quality;

Birka Tunic design

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IMPORTANT: Please, use only dry cleaning for this tunic. Do not wash!


Andrew hall:

Could the dragon trim be in red

ArmStreet team:

This tunic can be made with blue-green Water-dragon trim only, sorry.

Vincent Kalman:

Such great craftsmanship. I will most definitely have it

Oshere Ceoluhtes Suna:

Any way to get this in a green accent color?

ArmStreet team:

We couldn't find by the moment green hopsack of sufficient quality among our suppliers, sorry for that. Thank you for being interested in our production.

Stacey Biagi:

Hello! I love the water dragon trim on this piece and was wondering if it could be used for a women's gown or since I am short if the pattern is close enough on it for me to order it as the item it is and use it as a dress? Thank you!

ArmStreet team:

Water dragon trim can be used on the other dresses for some extra, simply let us know which dress you prefer.

Technically, woman can wear this tunic with pants or as a short dress. In such case please specify that the tunic is for a woman in the comment to your order. Also please note, that the cut of this tunic cannot be changed (it's quite loose, not fitting as a dress), but the length can be changed on request.

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