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“Snow White” Set

Marquisette chemise and two linen skirts

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Full Snow White Dress Set

Marquisette chemise and two gorgeous linen skirts

She had always been the envy of all of the other girls, both for her beauty and her flawless charm. As innocent as a field of blooming flowers and as joyous as the early summer sun, her very presence would bring happiness to all of those around her. Comparable to a ray of sunshine, it was thought that she was not even capable of holding a malicious thought. She would always find the silver lining to every cloud, and even on the darkest of days she always found the time to smile. To be around her was a blessing - unless of course you wished to be her. Dancing through life like a petal on a gentle breeze, she was impossibly unique and refreshingly.

This collection will make you the envy of the whole village with beautiful natural materials, soft curves and a stunning silhouette. It exudes an innocent warmth that is gentle, feminine and easy to love. It is made up of three garments: a sheer, floaty underdress made of a silk/ cotton blend, a linen and lace underskirt with hundreds of tiny pleats for volume, and an overskirt with a structured corset underneath to create an enviable Victorian silhouette. Each item has been crafted with care and created using our newest manufacturing technologies and techniques we have devised in our design studio.

Snow White Marquisette Chemise

The chemise is very thin and makes for a stunning base layer, made from marquisette - one of our favourite fabrics. The blend of cotton and silk gives it delicacy as well as softness, but keeps it much more robust and easier to clean than 100% silk. The dress itself could be described as formless at first, with hundreds of tiny delicate pleats pulling it together around the scooping neckline. The shape of it is defined by lacing attached to the dress with tiny loops, so it can be tailored to your size and tied tightly or left to flow in the breeze, it’s up to you. It is longer than the average chemise to account for the loss of length when you gather it around your waist. The flowing, puffy sleeves along with the pleated nature of the rest of the dress make for a certain vulnerability that we just love.

Flax linen Underskirt

The second later of this collection is a masterpiece in itself! Though we call it an “underskirt”, we truly do believe that it can be worn on its own without the overskirt and still be stunning. It is made of three layers of our breezy flax linen, which has a lovely texture and gets softer as time goes on. The middle and bottom layer are adorned with an incredibly fancy piece of lacework which contrasts with the simpler nature of the linen. The combination of linen and lace makes for a certain kind of quaint charm, which is both plain and noble at the same time.

The true beauty of the underskirt comes from the movement. We’ve created this with uncountable tiny pleats, starting from the waistband and then again with the second and third layer of linen. This allows us to put as much fabric as possible into the skirt without it becoming bulky. Having three separate layers means that it flows as you walk, and looks absolutely amazing during activities such as dancing. We have added a little bit more body to the skirt by putting in flexible boning to the top two layers, stopping it from sticking to your legs and creating an amount of volume usually unachievable without a petticoat or other undergarment.

Corset Skirt

The top corset skirt is one of our best creations yet. It has the same softness to it as the other two pieces, but also contains a structured corset under the bodice to help smooth out the lines of your torso and create a graceful silhouette. 18 plastic bones are inserted into the corset to provide rigidity without the discomfort of inflexible steel boning. The top of the bodice curves under your breasts to conform with the shape of your body, and the bottom of it meets flawlessly with the skirt in a series of tiny pleats, much like the rest of the collection. The back of the corset comes together with robust metal eyelets to ensure the piece will stand the test of time.

The enchanting look of this dress comes from the huge amount of fabric in it: the back panel of the skirt could be a whole dress in itself! It flows out gracefully from the back of the corset to create a noble train, which can be bustled up under the corset with the help of lacing rings along the back of the dress. This creates the dramatic Victorian look we were so inspired by when we decided to design this dress.

This whole outfit is characterised by soft pleats, beautiful fabrics and voluminous pieces throughout. Together, these garments create something truly enchanting – we hope that you will fall in love with this costume just as easily as we did! We know that with it you will find that laughter comes easily to you, and you will move through life with ease and grace, may you be dancing in a great hall or running through an evergreen glade in search of nice, fresh apples.

For more information about each piece, we invite you to read their individual descriptions – you will see how much thought has gone into each design!

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Chemise:
  • Marquisette (50% cotton, 50% silk)
  • Underskirt:
  • Flax linen;
  • Plastic boning;
  • Metal d-rings for lacing;
  • Lace.
  • Corset Skirt:
  • Flax Linen;
  • Metal eyelets;
  • Plastic boning;
  • Lacing cord;

  • Metal lacing rings.


  • Cohesive design throughout all garments in the collection;

  • Gorgeous combination of natural materials;

  • Flattering corsetted silhouette;

  • Soft pleats;

  • Flawlessly draped skirts;

  • Voluminous, flowing designs;

  • High quality materials;

  • Plastic boning for structure without discomfort.

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  • Cecile D 19 of April 2020:

    Hi! Is this set no longer available? I fall in love with it and thinking this would be a gorgeous wedding dress :D

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, the set is not available because we are out of fabric for the chemise, unfortunately. However, you may still order the corset skirt and underskirt

  • Michelle Rabedeau 10 of September 2018:

    May I get the while under garment she has on in Midnight blue? That is the color scheme for our wedding.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Michelle! Yes, this chemise is midnight blue color is available here

  • Michelle 31 of August 2018:

    Is there a particular clothing item she is wearing underneath this beautiful dress?


    Hi Michelle! The model is wearing "Snow White" chemise

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1 feedback

  • Eden Stahr 12 of May 2020:

    This skirt is amazing!! I ordered to wear as my wedding dress and it fit amazing! To start, the service I received was amazing! It came a little quicker then I thought it would for a custom made item. Second, the corset is one of the most comfortable I own and have ever worn. And I own a few. It adds the curves I wish I had while. Third. The skirt is the perfect length! The length of the train is great as well, not too long and not to short. And the overall quality is amazing! The white dress I got was good. I wouldn’t buy it again, but it looks amazing with the skirt! The quality of it was amazing, but it’s so sheer it’s hard to wear by itself, and you need another underdress for it.

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