Soft Armor Kit

Soft protective equipment set

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    Soft Armor Set

    Soft protective equipment set for SCA, HMB and modern sword fighting

    Even if you are not into historical combat, you have probably heard about such a breathtaking sport as HMB (Historical Medieval Battles). Maybe you have visited some of the Battle of the Nations or other medieval tournaments, where modern people fight in heavy metal armor just like some of their honorable ancestors did. Some of the best professional HMB teams have been using the Soft Armor for quite a long time now to train more efficiently. Now you can have this equipment too - whether you want to compete in HMB, SCA, ACL or just to have fun!

    This armor is quite simple and reliable.

    The biggest element here is a cuirass. In this particular set the cuirass has a shoulder protection and is slightly heavier than another option we offer for purchase. This one also covers the back of the owner. One will have a nice feeling of security when wearing it, but with enough maneuverability at the same time. It is covered with eco-leather and has a cotton lining.

    Then we have a leg harness here. It is made of different kinds of nylon fabric with foam filling inside. Just like the cuirass, this part of the kit is a good simulation of a XIV century harness made of steel. It fastens reliably over the owner’s legs with velcro straps and even can be attached to a gambeson or a cuirass though there is no particular need for this. And just like some of its steel predecessors, it protects your knees and front part of the legs very well, leaving the back surface open.

    Soft bracers will keep your elbow joints safe and cover the forearm too. They fasten with velcro straps and are very reliable.

    And, of course, another key element that protects the most vital part of your body - a helmet. The helmet provides a great vision thanks to thick bar grill made of steel. It could be used in two versions: with and without a thick padding on the top. It is attachable and serves as an additional shock-absorbing protection.

    Overall, this kit is good for adults and light training, focused either on tactics and strategy or improving fencing skills. Training in Soft Armor equipment is way less exhausting than in metal armor and yet it provides quite a similar combat experience.

    There are additional protective parts, but this set is fundamental and it is enough to start your trainings. And who knows where this path will bring you. If you have enough courage - go ahead!

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


    • Eco-Leather;
    • Nylon;
    • Cotton lining;
    • Foam;
    • Steel bar grill on a helmet.


    • Allows great safe simulation of a steel armor warfare;
    • No gambeson needed;
    • Easy to carry and store;
    • Quick putting on/off;
    • Perfect protection for a teenager/novice.

    What's included?

    • Helmet with detachable padding;
    • Cuirass with shoulder and back protection;
    • Leg harness;
    • Bracer.

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