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Viking Leather-Covered Gorget

Steel gorget with tooled leather cover


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“From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord.”

Viking Leather-Covered Gorget

Steel gorget with tooled leather cover

This armor is pretty simple as it is typical for Vikings but looks great thanks to good quality leather, precise craftsmanship, and beautiful details. Though this armor is just a Viking style stylization we've tried to save Vikings craftsmanship spirit in it. These armor has been designed as a part of our "Viking" collection.

Armor is made of mild steel and covered with natural leather, decorated with solid brass rivets and trimmed with leather bordering. For the embossing, we used “blind” embossing technique and self-designed pattern with Viking's water-dragons.

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Safety disclaimer: Sword-fighting and fencing is a dangerous sport. Fencing, historical fencing, medieval reenactment and martial arts as well as other related types of activity, are inherently connected to a certain risk level of injuries or death. The Company declines all responsibility for any traumas or harm done to oneself or to the third person, along with any material or consequential damage, impaired during the products usage. We admonish that all acts with armour, weapons or their components have to be performed before designated person who is responsible for safety of the particular event and accredited to supervise armour and sport weapon conformance to the event’s standards.


  • Mild steel
  • Natural leather
  • Handmade brass clasps (molded)
  • Solid brass rivets

Gorget features:

  • “Blind” leather embossing
  • Brass molded clasps
  • Brass rivets
  • Natural leather
  • Leather bordering

This item is part of the “Viking” collection

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  • avalyen 06 of March 2017:

    hello would this be great combined with the shieldmaiden set armor? as i need the gorget with to go with my matching shieldmaiden pauldrons thats coming the armbracers and corset i have.

    ArmStreet team:

    This gorget could be worn with the Shieldmaden armour, but it has different embossing. We could possibly make it with Shieldmaiden embossing style, but it needs to be discussed with our designer, and will influence the price.

  • Matthew Martin 02 of November 2016:

    Can this come without the steel and be made of only leather? Thanks.

    ArmStreet team:

    The gorget cannot be made of only leather due to technical reasons, sorry.

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9 Feedbacks

  • Gray Thistle 15 of February 2022:

    Amazing work...so well made! I highly recommend armstreet & will be getting other items from them. Thanks Again!

  • Liam Rubarth 23 of December 2020:

    Helps keep the Helmet off my shoulders

  • TOC 20 of November 2020:

    I was amazed by how well it was packaged. The quality is absolutely stunning. It feels solid and very well made. I’m very pleased with the purchase. It was definitely worth the price.

  • Alan Reid 24 of August 2018:

    Excellent product provides good protection. Regards Alan

  • John Gruber 27 of October 2017:

    Beautiful leatherwork, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. It came quickly to a location of Mexico that can be challenging to ship to. I will certainly be buying from this vendor more in the future.

  • Derek Springer 18 of August 2015:

    Amazing piece, thank you so much!

  • Kirk Lund 10 of August 2015:

    Amazing leather work and custom made.

  • R. Cherish 15 of July 2015:

    Another amazing piece of work, and a very friendly and fantastic seller! Thanks!

  • CeridwenS 29 of June 2015:

    Fine detail and craftsmanship!

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