Cabasset Helmet “Hound of War”

Early cabasset with brims, 15th c.

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Cabasset Helmet “Hound of War”

Early cabasset with brims, 15th c.

In addition to bascinet, several new types of helmets emerged and spread throughout Europe during the Hundred Years' War. Closed and open sallets, knight's armets - they were difficult to manufacture and expensive, moreover, they didn't provide clear vision. Over time, they gave way to the helmets with brims, developing the concept of the 'iron hat' that should be affordable to most soldiers. With the development of weapons, helmet design changed, introducing completely new types of helmets - cabasset and morion.

The first one can be distinguished by its laterally flattened dome and small slanted brims. Deep dome features a slight medial crest. Elevated crown of round shape helps to better deflect blows from the top. Equipped with all one might need off to fight in the medieval battles: reliable structure thanks to 2 mm stainless steel, comes complete with the leather chin strap and authentic inner padding. Besides the flawless shape perfectly adapted to reflect the impacts, it's decorated with turnover engrailed edging and brass rivets.

Cabasset helmet - also called spanish morion in England - was used by cavalry at first, later becoming an utter helmet of the foot soldiers. Nice and elegantly proportioned helmet for archers, halberdiers, pikemen.

Please note, it's intended to be worn with the bevor, which isn't included and might be ordered separately.

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Materials and key features:

  • Historical cabasset design;
  • 14 ga (2 mm) stainless steel;
  • Leather chin strap with buckle;
  • Authentic style padding;
  • Brass rivets.

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  • Dmitri 12 of January 2017:

    Can you do 2.5mm stainless for the cabasset?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    The helmet can be upgraded to 2.5 mm stainless steel for $120.00 extra.
    If that works for you, you can place an order via the website and we`ll send you a PayPal invoice for the extra.

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