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“Dark Star” Blackened Gauntlets

Spring Steel Clamshell Finger Protection


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“Dark Star” Blackened Clamshell Gauntlets

Spring Steel Finger Protection

Be careful of the Dark Star. It’s easy to feel her pull and fall into her orbit… but just don’t forget that if you care for your own welfare, you’ll keep her at a distance. There’s something truly enticing and terrifying about a person who needs no one and gets by on nothing other than her strong will and pure ambition. So, lean in, get close, and learn everything there is to learn – after all, she isn’t called the best duelist in the kingdom for nothing.

The Dark Star Collection is a new line of armor and accessories that are both beautiful and brutal. It is our most recent armor design that is fitted to better suit the female figure. One of the most noticeable aspects is the blackened tone - we have used spring steel to craft it, and blackened it to help prevent rust. This also gives it a slick, historical finish, which is very eye catching and unique. This is one of our first collections working with spring steel, and it took a ton of engineering, experimenting, and tests in order to get right. We are very proud of the result and hope that you enjoy fighting in it as much as we did making it!

Made of 0.8mm spring steel, these gauntlets are very well articulated and incredibly light. Spring steel is structurally strong and does dent nearly as much as mild steel, so we have been able to use thinner material. The way that we have achieved such flawless articulation is through sliding rivets, which make it easier to flex your hand and grasp your weapon. The gauntlet covers a decent amount of your wrist, as well as the underside, which opens with a hinge and does up with a buckle.

These gauntlets were designed after years of engineering some of the bestselling gauntlets around, so we have learned a lot about what works best. They are decently dished to try and add more side protection to your hand, with a hinged thumb and a padded lining sewn right into the armor. We have also added a stunning new shape to the font of them, which you’ll notice across the knuckles, which look like ribs.

We have added all sorts of little comforts and fine touches to these gauntlets. All leather used is high quality and will stand the test of time. It is constructed with quality brass solid rivets, as well as cast brass buckles. The very edge of the wrist is lined in leather, and overall they are just a pleasure to wear.

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  • 0.8mm spring steel;
  • Leather;
  • Brass rivets;
  • Cast brass buckle.


  • Blackened finish;
  • Strong but light spring steel;
  • Solid brass rivets;
  • Cast brass buckle;
  • Hinged thumb;
  • Sliding rivets;
  • Amazing articulation.

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