Medieval armour from knights to men-at-arms - Page 4

Are you fascinated by the chivalry of the medieval era? Do you want to be a person who owns a full kit of medieval armour and a sword and knows how to use them? Medieval armour is a thing that captures the imagination and there are many ways how you can be a real knight in shining medieval armour even in the modern world.
From the signature plate armour worn by knights to the simple jack-of-chains worn by foot soldiers, medieval armour comes in a variety of styles and forms. Each piece reflects the status of the owner, the warfare of the time, and the design of the epoch.
Medieval armour is not just about protection - it's also about style, status and statement. The design and accents on armour were often used to signify a knight's rank, family history, and allegiance. A knight's armour was not just a tool for battle, but a symbol of his identity and honor, and often a most valuable item to own.

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