Exclusive khatangu-degel armor

December 9, 2009

Khatangu degel mongol armor mostly known by late Korean replica known as “Qianlong Emperor armor” This is a perfect armor that is made using principles close to European brigandine armor but with a lot of features typical for eastern armoring tradition. I mean long and very wide tassets closer to skirt and wider pauldrons made using same brig type multilayered sandwich in contrast to plate armor pauldrons that are typical as part of European sets based on brigandine torso armor. OK, I don't want to start holy war here between European and Eastern armor. Khatangu degel is perfect combat armor that can be made in number of versions (one piece and chest with skirt, with plate pauldrons and with pauldrons made same way as torso armor, with long skirt or shorter tassets and with materials as steel or leather inside and brocade, wool or leather as outer layer).

Museum Khatangu degel armor set
Museum Khatangu degel armor set

We love this armor very much and decided to start with luxury Korean version, brocade exterior and a number of handmade elements like brass rivets, handmade molding clasps, handmade leather rivet washers and a number of accessories.

Qianlong ceremonial armor

We also wanted to make it not too heavy so we decided to use bees wax hardened leather scales as main protective element. Basic fabric is extra-durable thick cotton (canvas cloth), bees wax hardened leather scales attached with solid brass rivets, flax-linen lining and brocade exterior Here is what we got:

exclusive-khatangu-degel-armor-1.jpg exclusive-khatangu-degel-armor-2.jpg
exclusive-khatangu-degel-armor-4.jpg exclusive-khatangu-degel-armor-5.jpg

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