Exclusive Lamellar Armour SCA Combat Suit

May 29, 2008

I'm very happy to provide this armor as I really love it. Lamellar armor is top one from many stand-pints because of great balance between flexibility, protection and weight.

This is most exclusive lamellar armour we ever made. It's made of lines of lamellar scales
and leather lines in accordance to authentic Asian design. Almost all authentic technologies
used to made this great armor — steel and leather works, hand-coining and casting. Armor is
decorated with exclusive set of hand-coined brass accents and handmade clasps and assembled with casting rivets. Armor is not heavy — about 25 lbs and have great protection properties at same time due to great shock-absorption properties of shaped steel scales and leather combination.

This is absolutely combat ready armour which looks fantastic. Each line of scales is covered with leather. Lacing is made of leather s well.

This thing is absolutely new. Listing is for full body armour (body armour, shoulder
plates, tassets) and bracers.

Here you can fight for this great armour at ebay auction (May 30-June,8)