“Ingrid the Hearthkeeper” dress, apron and brooches

July 19, 2015

“On these..., who had the bodies of women, nature bestowed the souls of men”

Saxo Grammaticus (c. XII century)

“Ingrid the Hearthkeeper” costume

Dress and Apron Viking outfit with matching brooches

In general this outfit is based on Hedeby findings and illustrations by Shelagh Lewins. We also improved traditional Viking T-shape tunic silhouette to to accentuate female figure beauty. Dress is decorated with trim specially designed for this outfit and dyed hemp cord.

Viking Linen Dress Ingrid the Hearthkeeper“Ingrid the Hearthkeeper” Linen Viking Dress

Dress features:

  • Classic Viking T-type silhouette
  • Skirt with four additional gussets
  • Trim specially designed for this costume
  • Two types of matching trim and accents bordering
  • Dyed jute cord accents

Apron is also decorated with matching trim and contrasting fabric bordering. It has short back slit with lacing and double neck shoulder straps for size adjustment.

Viking Apron and Dress costume "Ingrid the Hearthkeeper"“Ingrid the Hearthkeeper” Apron and Tunic Viking outfit

Apron features:

  • Historical findings based pattern
  • One of a kind trim bordering
  • Back lacing size adjustment
  • Shoulder straps size-adjustment

To complete the kit with matching accessories we aslo designed large etched brass brooches with matching patterns

Viking Oval Apron Brooches“Ingrid” oval brass fibulas

Brooches features:

  • Handmade etched brass
  • Original pattern

and unique lightweight elegant sandals made of leather scales

Viking Leather Sandals “Shieldmaiden”Viking Lightweight Leather Sandals

Sandals featurs:

  • Original authentic design
  • Lightweight and comfortable