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Canvas Viking Tent 10'x10'

Canvas Viking Tent 10'x10'

Shipping & Manufacturing

Standard shipping:$169.00
Standard shipping time:16-21 Days
Express shipping:$205.00
Express shipping time:5-8 Days
Manufacturing time:28-35 Days


Сanvas light

Canvas Viking Tent 10'x10'

Tent for medieval camping

As our dedicated clients, readers and followers may recall, a little while ago we have decided to re-design our line of medieval tents to improve their reliability and functionality and to achieve better historical look and more aesthetically pleasing design.

This is our first new piece for a line of Early Medieval Saxon/Scandinavian tents.

Very simple, very easy to install and quite practical – not mentioning great period look – this tent designed to be installed on a light wooden frame. To meet weight and size requirements of the international shipment actual tents will be shipped without frame. However, the frame is simple enough that, with the instruction we'll provide could be easily made on site or at home. The instruction will be made in two versions: one is very simple and another – a little bit more sophisticated, but more historically accurate and better looking.

You can check and download how to make a frame manual here and watch our video about making tent frame and setting Viking's Tent up:

Tent size:

  • 3m x 3 m x 2 m (9.8 ft. width, 9.8 ft length, 6.5 ft height)
  • Tent weight: 18 kg (39 lbs) without wooden frame

Tent comes with all ropes included.

We also glad to announce that we finally found a good manufacturer of sturdy, reliable and good-looking natural canvas. On our special request this manufacturer agreed to leave the fabric in a natural color. Thus, from now on, our historical line of tents will be made based on this sturdy and great looking canvas. Manufacturer's certificate states following fabric properties:

  • Fabric weight: 540 g/m2 (about 1.75 oz per sq. ft.)


Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


Shoal Sharrock:

Hi, I've been looking at this tent for a while now and noticed the price jumped and the shipping is no longer free. Is there any chance you'll offer free shipping again?

ArmStreet team:

We had one tent available in stock and it was discounted. Now there are not pre-made tents, and also the free shipping deal has ended, but we`re ready to give you a special discount though. Please email us at

colin smiley:

hello, asking about your viking tent i am a little confused about the cost, in the comments i see that you do not make custom sizes but the listing has a custom spot with a different price so i was wondering what this means.. also i am wondering how waterproof it is. if it rains all night what should i expect inside the tent. thanks hope to place an order soon Lykos

ArmStreet team:

The difference between "Custom size" and "In stock" tents is that the in-stock one are already made and ready to ship, but the custom ones need to be manufactured. Unfortunately now there are no pre-made tents, so only custom made once are available.

Brian Phares:

Can the fabric that the tent is made from be painted? If so, what type of paint should be used (acrylic or oil-based)? Thank you!

ArmStreet team:

Unfortunately, we are not able to recommend you anything here as we haven`t ever tried painting it. Perhaps acrylic paint for textiles should work.


How stable is the construction when you do not include wedges?

ArmStreet team:

The construction is stable enough. Please note, the wooden frames are not included, only the canvas tent.

Ronshell Wells:

Do you all sale the red dress the lady is wearing in the last tent picture? Thanks, Ronshell W.

ArmStreet team:

The coat the lady is wearing is not available for sale, sorry. It is an exclusive coat we've designed specially for our friend as a present, it can not be made again.

Brett Rodgers:

Regarding your tent material. You say it's linen based. Please specify exact material content. Also, what is the waterproofing? Natural I would hope and not "sunforger". Thanks, Brett

ArmStreet team:

The fabric is 100% natural flax linen with industrial waterproofing, not natural.


do you sell bigger a frame tents?

ArmStreet team:

The tent is available in a single size only - 3m x 3 m x 2 m (9.8 ft. width, 9.8 ft length, 6.5 ft height), sorry.

Simon Hallewell:

Looking to purchase a 5 X 5 metre square medieval tent at some stage. Is this something you are going to be custom making? Cheers again!

ArmStreet team:

Sorry, unfortunately the tent cannot be made in different sizes.

viking re enactor:

looking at buying a Viking tent but want a complete one and yours is not, sorry.

ArmStreet team:

We would be very happy to offer a complete tent with wooden frame on our website, but the weight of the goods is limited to the rules of international air shipments. Simple wooden frame could be easily made on site or at home.

Chad Wood:

Can you special order larger sizes and pay extra? Like a 12' x 12' x 8' tall tent.

ArmStreet team:

Sorry, the tent cannot be made in different sizes.

Thomas runion:

Is it possible to order only the canvas? If so how mush would it cost? Thank you

ArmStreet team:

This listing is for the canvas tent with ropes only, the wooden frame is not included.

Gary Busic:

Your viking tent. Is is made of linen, linen/cotton, cotton? Can it be made in a striped pattern? Is the floor cloth included? Thanks.

ArmStreet team:

The tent is made of natural canvas - linen-based water resistant fabric. Can be made in plain natural color only. Yes, the floor is included.

john reed:

on the viking aframe tent, u have to wait on the manufacture time and then shipping time? to ship to usa? thank u for ur time

ArmStreet team:

Exactly, processing time is about 6-8 weeks. We do ship to the US and worldwide - you're welcome!

Silje S.:

Hi, We are a family from Norway, looking for a new viking tent for this year's market season, and your viking tent seems to be everything we're looking for! However, we have some questions we hope you can help us with: - Is it correct that there is a bottom for the tent (also in canvas) included? - Is it possible to get some kind of discount if we order more than one tent? - Is the shipping free to Norway as well? Hope you can help us with these questions. Thank you. Best regards, Silje S.

ArmStreet team:

Canvas floor is included.
If you order more than one tent at the same time, we can give you a discount. Please email us at to get an individual promo code for the discount.
Sure, shipping to Norway is free during the "free shipping" offer.


is the tent water proth

ArmStreet team:

Yes, the tent is waterproof.

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