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Tunic “Girda the Snowdancer”

Viking woolen tunic for women


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Viking Dress Tunic “Girda the Snowdancer”

Winter woolen tunic for women

What comes to your mind, when you think about Vikings’ life? First, probably, the nature that surrounded them. The North Sea coast, cold wind, deep fjords, and sheer cliffs. Right there, after finding a peaceful forest, Vikings would build their farms with longhouses, boathouses, and roundhouses.

Wooden walls could protect from the wind, but it was still rather cold inside, so people would use much wool, mostly sheepskin to keep warm. Besides, there would always be a chimney with fire – both for heating and for cooking dinner. The household was controlled mostly by women. Viking women had much power in comparison to other European countries back in that time.

Strong, fearless women warriors called shield maidens had to stand cold North winds and fierce fights in war times or take care of Viking farms when they stayed on the coast. That was the exciting routine of Viking women. And for that, they needed comfortable clothes. Mostly, ladies would wear T-shape tunics that were spacious at biceps and narrowed to wrists – this way, they were comfortable to work in. Such costume silhouettes were often to find among women centuries ago. We keep to this design but try to make it in a way that would highlight the beauty of a shield maiden figure. The wide skirt of the tunic reaches ankles, so it is long enough but does not touch the floor.

We have made this tunic of wool to keep you warm and ready to withstand Northern winds. Special attention was given to decorations as they showed social statuses, made clothes nicer, and served as talismans. We follow this path by adding trims and accents to the collar, sleeves, and hem. On our new Viking trim, one can see weaving lines of two colors. Besides, there are accents that make an elegant Viking outfit complete. Try it on with belts, earrings, and necklaces and you can feel like a Valkyrie who decides who is going to live or die at the battle. Make some Vikings happy by bringing them to Valhalla or let them live and fight a bit longer.

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  • 100% wool;
  • Exclusive trim;
  • Linen accents.


  • T-shape silhouette;
  • Skirt with four additional inserts;
  • Underarm gussets;
  • Contrasting trim on the collar, sleeves and hem.

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1 Comment

  • leanne 23 of November 2021:

    Just purchased this amazing viking woolen tunic another new viking dress to My collection

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2 Feedbacks

  • AeKati 28 of November 2023:

    I'm a repeat happy customer, and this time is no exception. Armstreet makes the highest quality clothes I've ever purchased, suitable for everyday wear: the materials are high quality, natural fabrics, the cut is both historically accurate and flattering, and the fit is perfect every time. Very happy to support this excellent Ukrainian business. Слава Україні!

  • Felicitas 22 of August 2022:

    A wonderful dress that will also keep me warm in winter. Thanks to the artists of Armstreet!

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