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Tunic Shirt for Medieval Wedding

White groom’s tunic with brocade accent


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Medieval Wedding Men’s Shirt

White fiance’s tunic with brocade accents

Traditionally, every prince charming, in common parlance - the bridegroom, on the day of his wedding wears a snow-white shirt, emphasizing the solemnity of the moment of marriage. Remember the bride is not the only one who's in the limelight this day. Dressing up in a canonical medieval shirt will magically make a fiance behave somewhat chivalrously.

Here's an exclusive wedding version of our medieval style men's tunic. Inspired by Eastern European costume, the design suits for the embodiment of a wide range of characters. Features a distinctive stand-up collar and a slit button-up neckline. Loose sleeves flop around poetically at every gesture without inconvenience thanks to a thought-out cut of long cuffs. Midthigh length purports to wear the tunic girded, so take a look at the fantasy belt in silver.

Fine flax linen is a nice lightweight fabric, entirely authentic to the period and equally important provides excellent protection from both sun heat and coolness. In the Middle Ages, not many could afford the luxury of wearing clean white, and to this day it strengthens a sense of occasion and purity. Exorbitant with patterns, rich brocade accents on the forepart and cuffs are fringed with the precious galloon in a matching color, complemented with the wide trim at the stand collar.

Matching overcoat, medieval pants, together with the high boots should be a worthy addition to this ensemble. Creating harmonious couple look, think of matching the Wedding Shirt with the bride's “Chess Queen” dress.

The current jacquard in use:

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  • Fine flax linen;
  • Brocade;
  • Galloon;
  • Trim.


  • Long cuffs;
  • Poetic sleeves;
  • Stand-up collar;
  • Midthigh length;
  • Button-up slit neckline.

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  • Madeline 01 of February 2023:

    Do you think this will be available again?! Beautiful item.

    ArmStreet Team:

    We are out of brocade for this tunic and that is why it is unavailable. We hope to re-stock the fabric, but there is no ETA, unfortunately. 

  • Jason 01 of March 2020:

    I have autism does drocade come with a linen backing. It’s the one thing stopping my order

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Jason, yes the brocade is lined. 

  • Kevin 23 of January 2020:

    Can you make this with either purple or purple in the middle

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Kevin, it is not possible, unfortunately. 

  • Tracy Eshelman 04 of January 2020:

    I need to order this in the dark blue, with silver brocade, please.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Tracy, unfortunately, it is not possible to make it in regular dark blue linen. This shirt is made of a thin linen, which we have in black, white and natural colors only. 

  • Glen 12 of February 2017:

    The gold brocade pattern is currently unavailable. Do you know if/when it will be available again? Or is there another gold-accented shirt/tunic option that I could go with instead? I want to wear it with the Eastern Europe Linen Overcoat with the Gold Forest Trim option. Thanks for your time!

    ArmStreet team:

    We cannot tell if or when the gold brocade is back in stock, unfortunately, it is a supply problem.
    We'd recommend you ordering Eastern Europe Medieval Flax Linen Tunic, it can be made with the gold Forest trim and will look great with the overcoat.

  • Lia 06 of January 2017:

    Hello, will the wedding exclusive tunic be available in gold again anytime soon? Thanks

    ArmStreet team:

    The gold brocade is not available any more, it is a supply problem, at the moment we cannot tell if it will be available again, sorry.

  • Andrew 13 of December 2016:

    Is it possible to get this with half sleeves, but still have a loose fitting brocade cuff? I had thought to get this tailored in such away, but there won't be enough brocade to have a "loose" fit.

    ArmStreet team:

    That should be possible, please specify the exact length of the sleeves from the shoulder hem to the edge.

  • Derek 21 of November 2016:

    Could you make one of these in black instead of white with the silver brocade?

    ArmStreet team:

    Sure, just switch to a "Custom size" tab and choose the black colour.

  • David Dalian 03 of July 2016:

    When will you be getting the XL back in stock?

    ArmStreet team:

    For now we cannot provide any accurate information about when size XL will be back in stock, sorry. Please note, this tunic can be always made in custom size. Once the tunic is available XL, we`ll inform you by e-mail. :)

  • Dayna Smerchek 02 of July 2016:

    Is this in stock? I need an XL.

    ArmStreet team:

    It's available in stock only in S size now. But you can always order it in custom size, which will be made especially for you and will fit in a perfect way!

  • Anne 26 of June 2016:

    Hello! My husband has this tunic and wears it with an overcoat similar to what you have. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for a woman's companion costume to this one?

    ArmStreet team:

    Our Forest Princess garb goes perfectly well with this men`s costume. Of course, you can choose the color of the dress and the trim. Basically, most of our dresses that have trim can be made in similar colors so they will complement your husband`s tunic great. :)

  • Andrea 27 of October 2015:

    Is it possible to get the accents in purple?

    ArmStreet team:

    Sorry, we don't have any purple brocade. This tunic can be made with silver brocade accents only.

  • Martin Hilovsky 12 of June 2015:

    Dear ArmStreet, I have two questions about Wedding Exclusive Eastern Europe Tunic. First, just to make sure, whether the tunic you have in stock has silver brocade and trim as seen on photos. Secondly, I'd like to make sure if standard size "S" that you have in stock will fit me well (or good enough). My measures are following: Full height: 180 cm Chest: 89 cm Waist: 78 cm Hips: 98 cm Biceps: 28 cm Wrist: 17 cm Thank you for answers. Best regards, Martin Hilovsky

    ArmStreet team:

    Yes, the tunic in stock has silver brocade and trim - same as shown in photos.

    Size S (small) should fit you just perfect, you're welcome!

  • Ansley 14 of April 2015:

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me where are the bracers seen in the pictures? I looked in the armor section but found nothing exactly like them.

    ArmStreet team:

    Silver "bracers" are just the cuffs of the tunic, they are made of brocade fabric :)

  • Jeff 15 of March 2015:

    I was hoping to get this in gold to match the Eastern European Overcoat, would you happen to know when it will be back in stock?

    ArmStreet team:

    There are some supply disruptions, sorry. To date there is no accurate information when golden brocade will be available again.

  • Sara 26 of February 2015:

    Is tis item available ready made in a size large?

    ArmStreet team:

    To date we don't have this tunic ready-made in stock, sorry. But you can always order it in custom size (made to order).

  • Jessica O'Connell 25 of October 2014:

    Now that the large is back in stock is it possible to order in silver brocade only. Gold won't match our wedding.

    ArmStreet team:

    This tunic is available in fixed sizes in white color with silver brocade, you're welcome!

  • Melissa Velasquez 28 of September 2014:

    Wedding Exclusive Eastern Europe Tunic Can I get this still. I would need it in a large.

    ArmStreet team:

    This tunic is not available, since silver and golden brocades are out of stock. Unfortunately there is no information whether the brocades will be available again.

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14 Feedbacks

  • Sadie 10 of September 2022:

    It's a beautiful piece, very light though. And one of the straps for the cuff buttons was broken. Ordered this for my fiance for our wedding next year

  • michael 21 of June 2022:

    Ordered this for my wedding in Feb. 2022. Came perfectly and I was amazed at the quality . All the guests loved it . Thanks for making our day special. Be safe .

  • Karine Lécuyer 06 of March 2022:

    Great quality! Love the design on it! A bit long, but it will work. This is for our medieval wedding:)

  • Judy Hayman 22 of November 2021:

    Fantastic service, It was delivered on the date promised. Shirt was gorgeous….very well made. It was a wedding shirt for my son for his wedding at the Renaissance Festival! It was absolutely perfect! Thank you!

  • Paulene Camargo 16 of June 2021:

    All the costumes we bought are simply AMAZING!! We had our Medieval wedding and we are very happy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4oe32_rk-8&t=314s Thank you!!

  • Emily 11 of June 2021:

    My husband wore the Black Medieval Wedding Shirt combined with the Eastern Europe Linen Overcoat, Classic Medieval Cotton Pants, Handmade Leather Belt with Steel Etching Accents and black leather Forest Boots as his wedding outfit at our recent medieval wedding. He looked absolutely fabulous and received many compliments through the day on his choice of outfit. We are so glad we picked Armstreet to buy our wedding outfits from. Thank you.

  • Naomi Betts 29 of October 2020:

    I had this shirt custom made and teamed with the tunic. I made modifications to shirt to accommodate riding astride and I love the combination. Its lightweight, eye catching and so cool in summer.

  • David 21 of June 2020:

    This shirt is absolutely lovely - really comfortable, fits well and is just what I imagined. Have paired it with the cotton viking pants ("Knut the Merry") and the "Forest" high boots and I'm delighted with the quality and comfort of the items, as well as the overall look. I'll really look forward to wearing this when the occasion calls for it - thank you so much!

  • Martin 13 of May 2020:

    Used this for my wedding day, together with Eastern Europe Linen Overcoat and Classic Medieval Cotton Pants as on product photos. High quality Armstreet craftsmanship as usual, the brocade is especially nice. Made from flax linen, very comfortable light material, especially if it will be hot on your wedding day and you will be dancing a lot, it's a lifesaver. The overcoat is also quite lightweight so you can wear both even if it is pretty hot outside. Just keep in mind the fabric is a bit see-through, so plan accordingly if you will wear something under it. Other than that, one of the best quality pieces of clothing I own, if you are wondering whether it is worth the price, be sure that it is.

  • Davina 12 of May 2020:

    I really love this shirt, it goes perfect with the matching overcoat... and Armstreet were very accomodating when it turned out I had a girl's measurements for a men's tunic! It's perfect for the look I wanted (Tolkien elf, basically) and I can even pair it with normal black pants at need, which is great.

  • Davina 12 of May 2020:

    Eastern Europe Linen Overcoat Medieval long flax linen men's overcoat Source: https://armstreet.com/store/medieval-clothing/eastern-europe-linen-overcoat-costume Goes perfectly with the tunic, as expected! That I could use blue was a bonus, as the character I'm playing would have used either blue or red!

  • Nathaniel 26 of June 2017:

    One of my first purchases, turned out to be a total success when paired with the overcoat, pants, and boots I purchased from armstreet as well. Neither the main material nor the trim frayed or were problematic and it wasn't too warm either in 85 degree F sunny weather. It's hard to notice things like heat and sweat when you look dashing =).

  • Betsy Moreno 19 of January 2001:

    Gorgeous! My second tunic from this shop and probably not the last!

  • Jan Copeland 18 of January 2001:

    WOW the tunic is exactly what I expected it to be and more! thank you soo much!

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