Eastern Europe Linen Overcoat

Medieval long flax linen men's overcoat

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Eastern Europe Linen Overcoat

Medieval long flax linen men's overcoat

This great costume is based on Eastern European medieval costume design. Overcoat is made of 100% pure flax linen. Flax linen is a great sturdy and authentically looking fabric that provides perfect heat protection, lasts long and looks amazing. This costume can be used as main detail for Polish, Rus, Slovakian characters. It also will be a great part of any medieval style fantasy costume. In hot weather you can use it without undertunic so it will act like a light-weight flattering robe with open sleeves. It looks great both with belt worn over it or without belt.

Other parts presented on pictures are not included but are available in store:

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural flax linen
  • Leaf-shaped clasps
  • Buttons
  • Trim

Overcoat features:

  • Eastern Europe medieval design
  • Silver/golden trimming with medieval style pattern
  • Long open sleeves
  • Ankle length

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  • Adam 06 of October 2017:

    Once upon a time I stumbled across this wedding shirt and long coat right before my wedding. As in, under the time limit for custom work even at a the express shipping level. But I fell in love it with it and decided to email Armstreet and see if they could accommodate my mad self. They came through in spectacular fashion. The outfit fit WONDERFULLY and arrived well in advance of my wedding day (something I know must have required some extra work and time). Replies to my emails were fast, polite, and wonderfully helpful. Truly, I cannot say enough good about my experience. 10 out of 10. Excellent Shop, Excellent Product!

    ArmStreet answered 09 of October 2017:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful review, Adam! 

    We wish you a lot of happiness and love and you are always welcome to ArmStreet!

  • Yan 13 of February 2017:

    Hi, I already own many of your kit, I was wondering if it was possible to get the eastern Europe overcoat in yellow/gold but with the trim shown on the “Knyazhna Helga” Medieval Flax Linen Dress and Underdress? (to match color of pieces I already own) I would also like to get the trim belt shown on that dress (if possible) thank you

    ArmStreet team answered :

    The overcoat could be made of Yellow linen, but the Helga trims are not available anymore, sorry.
    Would it work for you with any other trim? Here you can find all of them -

  • Jacquelyn Bayham 16 of November 2016:

    Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to request this in a dark teal color. I know you can't offer customs often, but I thought I'd at least ask.

    ArmStreet team answered :

    We don`t have any Teal coloured fabric, sorry. The overcoat can be made in one of the colours listed on the site only.

  • Jonathan Harrison 28 of December 2015:

    Dear Armstreet, I'm wondering if you are able to make the Eastern Europe Linen Overcoat in a Large size (44in chest). I am looking forward to purchasing an entire ensemble that this coat would look great with. Many thanks, Jon Harrison

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Yes, of course! The Overcoat is available in stock in size L, welcome!

  • Davina Fang 01 of October 2015:

    Thank you so much guys, I love it, both the tunic & the overcoat fit great. Just wondering what the care instructions are in terms of washing?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Thank you! They are machine washable, use delicate mode at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees (30°С=85°F). Presoaking is not recommended. To prevent color fading, use detergent for colored laundry. Do not use bleach. Do not use hot tumble drying. To avoid shrinkage use the shortest spin cycle and dry items flat, away from sunlight. Clothes made of linen is easier to iron when fabric is slightly damp.

  • Ian Wise 13 of June 2015:

    Is it possible when ordering a custom sized item to ask for the same size that you all list as "Large" because from what I have ordered before it fits perfectly.

    ArmStreet team answered 15 of June 2015:

    Of course, can be made in standard size L on request, simply add a comment to your order.

  • Martin Hilovsky 11 of June 2015:

    Dear ArmStreet, I have a question about men's Eastern Europe Linen Overcoat Costume, that whether the one you have in stock has silver or gold trim. Also I'd like to ask about shipping to Europe (Slovakia). We are going to order several things from you for our wedding, of which some will be custom size. My question is, whether you usually send such ordered items together in one or in separate packages. Thank you for answers. Best regards, Martin Hilovsky

    ArmStreet team answered 12 of June 2015:

    Overcoat in standard sizes comes with silver trim, as pictured.

    Typically, the entire order is sent in a single package (custom size items and items from stock together). Please inquire duty-free importation limit, since your order would be shipped from the outside of the European Union.

  • Lance 22 of February 2015:

    I'm a little confused. Your site shows a "large" and "medium" in stock for the item I want, but it also asks for specific measurements. Can I just order a standard size or are items always custom made?

    ArmStreet team answered 23 of February 2015:

    We have this overcoat in standard sizes M and L in stock, which can be shipped immediately. But you can always order it in custom size (made-to-measure). To switch from one option to another, use the tabs "In stock" and "Custom size".

  • Alfred 20 of October 2014:

    hi there, i m interested in ur cloth. Do u have a store in Sydney? Thanx!!:)

    ArmStreet team answered 27 of October 2014:

    All our items can only be purchased online, unfortunately we don't have any offline stores yet.

  • Travis Marshall 23 of September 2014:

    The midnight color I got is a lot darker than I was expecting, but the quality is excellent and it fits absolutely perfect!

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Thanks for your feedback, Travis! Midnight blue linen is dark, that's true.

  • Darryl Clayton 20 of January 2014:

    This is the second overcoat i purchased, love it! It got here very fast!!

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Cole 05 of September 2013:

    Looks really cool, a reminder of a time when effort and detail were put into crafting items

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Thank you, such a comparison is very flattering to us!

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