Set of medieval brass cast clasps

6 pairs of fantasy clothing fastenings


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Set of medieval brass cast clasps

6 pairs of fantasy clothing fastenings with leaves

While having in-person conversations with our customers at different medieval events all over the world, we've often heard things like, "Oh wow, what a beautiful trim you've used for this dress!" or "Those clasps are gorgeous! I wish I had such fastenings while working on my own sewing project!" And here they are - the beautiful fastenings with the leaves ornament that works great both in period costume and Elvish fantasy garments. Each pair has one part with a loop and another with a hook. Their simple yet efficient synergy will keep your ceremonial caftan closed even high at the castle wall during a strong wind. Have you reached the zen of not sewing more garments? We completely understand – the limited nature of any storage is so frustrating! However, one of your early creations might use the new set of clasps instead of the initial ones as soon as one or two of those got lost during some remarkably bright parties last season. Or maybe your persona shifted from a strict period look aligned with historical sources into the fantasy world of forest spirits? No doubt those high-quality brass cast clasps will find their place in your medieval wardrobe! Both durable and beautiful, they are easy to attach to the clothing and can be an eye-catching accessory in addition to their initial functional purpose.

Our wonderful craftsmen have mastered the casting of nickel-covered brass, so we are happy to offer you silver or golden color options for those clasps.

Please get in touch with us if you have any additional questions.


  • Brass or nickel-covered brass.


  • 6 pairs of clasps in a set;
  • Dimensions of a fastened pair: 68x25 mm (2 ⁴³/₆₄ x 1 '');
  • High-quality handmade casting;
  • Inspired by historical sources;
  • Silver or golden finish;
  • Elaborate floral design.

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