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Viking Winter Hat | white

Embroidered woolen hat with fur trimming


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Viking Winter Hat | festive white edition

Authentic woolen hat with two colours embroidery

Right at the moment you would expect we've run out of road for new editions of our highly demanded Viking woolen hat, we came up with the festive ivory wool that allows us to add more colours to the unique pattern of hand embroidery. Ok, ok – just one more colour, but have you seen this vibrant red and its interaction with the beige?

Imagine yourself being a Viking on the edge of another harsh winter season. You'd definitely want to have your head protected both from elements and evil spirits, right? The combination of natural wool, natural flax linen lining and fur trimming will definitely protect you from low temperature and severe winds while hand embroidered with natural linen thread classic Icelandic motif of Sigurd slaying Fafnir the dragon (from the Saga of the Volsungs) together with herringbone stitches covering every single seam of the hat will keep away supernatural forces of unfriendly nature.

Made to measure, this amazing accessory knows no limits – suits both men and women, kids and grown-ups, human beings and fictional characters.

Winter holidays traditions of Vikings and Germanic people were a far cry from what we have at the turn of the year nowadays: instead of handsome and good-mannered Santa Claus with the bag full of presents they used to have a less pleasant visitor. His real name is lost in centuries and the only information about his persona we can discover now is the Icelandic believe in his mountain troll origin. He appeared at the doorway with an empty bag to collect animal sacrifices if he claimed being underpaid by the family during the past year but was supposed to provide his help in protection in return.

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  • Natural wool;
  • Flax linen;
  • Linen thread;
  • Fur.


  • Flax linen lining;
  • Made to measure;
  • Authentic Viking style;
  • Two colours hand embroidery;
  • Unique embroidery pattern developed in-house;
  • Decorative herringbone stitching.

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1 feedback

  • Casey 30 of December 2021:

    I can't praise this hat enough. The stitching's superb, it's remarkably warm, comfortable, and soft. I'm exceedingly happy with it, wearing it all winter season. If I had to criticize, I might say that the fur is very slightly tufty, lots of variation between long and short furs might make it look a little 'scruffy', but in a genuine sort of way. It sometimes also feels a bit tight if worn indoors or warm environments, I might recommend sizing very slightly up from your normal hat size.

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