Viking Dress Tunic “Daughter of Fjords”

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Viking Dress Tunic “Daughter of Fjords”

Natural flax linen Viking's dress

During two centuries European peoples prayers were: “God, save us from famine, disease and Viking’s sword!” Small, but aggressive and good armored parties of Vikings were horror of weak Europe. Vikings were last Norman barbarians and piracy and pillage were their lifestyle. Also they were first and very successful European ocean-navigators.

What do you know about wifes, mothers and daughters of those cruel warriors? In contrast to women of civilized Europe, they wasn’t nor toys nor prizes for men. They were real hearth keepers and partners of their warlike men. During 3 years we even don’t try to work with Vikings costume, thinking that this theme is too popular and too well-known. But after all we were charmed too and decided to realize our own vision of Viking’s costume.

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  • 100% natural flax linen

Tunic features:

  • Historically accurate design
  • Deep slit neckline
  • Contrast color fabric accents on the neckline, sleeves and hem

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  • Joyce Otto 21 of January 2014:

    I have been trying to place an order but the site is not letting me. What is wrong?

    ArmStreet team:

    Perhaps it's some technical bug, sorry. Please email us your order at

  • Grete 21 of March 2009:

    Hi. Just a little correction, the vikings were Norwegian, swedish, icelandic and danish, and maybe (i´m not sure, but i think) a little bit of whats northern germany today. they were also merchants. the women were equal to the men in many ways. they had diferent things they decided, the womwn where the rulers of the household. from a scandinavian wich is proud of her history :)

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