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Renaissance Dress Florentine Natural Flocked Velvet “Beautiful Ginevra”

Renaissance Dress Florentine Natural Flocked Velvet “Beautiful Ginevra”

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Dress color:

Blue natural velvet
Flocked burgundy velvet
Dotted reddish velvet
Flocked purple velvet
Burgundy natural velvet
Violet natural velvet
Pink natural velvet

Sleeves color:

Blue natural velvet
Flocked burgundy velvet
Dotted reddish velvet
Raspberry red velvet
Flocked purple velvet
Burgundy natural velvet
Violet natural velvet
Pink natural velvet


inches cm

“Beautiful Ginevra” Dress

Natural flocked velvet renaissance dress

Early Renaissance epoch is one of the most marvelous and amazing history periods. The beginning of the art and cultural prime influenced impressively the fashion of the period.
This dress of the early Renaissance combine naivete and elegance of the silhouette with the complexity and richness of trimming and details. The original dress typical for the second half of the XVth century was known as "gamurra" and referred to the so called Florentine fashion period. Dress was usually worn over corset and chemise, which are not included but are available in our store.

The dress is made of natural cotton velvet (one of the limited fabric versions has flocked design), the skirt has 8 or 10 gussets depending on the customer's size. The dress requires 13-16 yards of fabric and the length of the skirt hem exceeds 11 yards. It is decorated with trim with pomegranate ornament exclusively designed by ArmStreet and manufactured for this project. Bodice and sleeves are embroidered with the artificial pearls and silvery lacet. Sleeves are attached to the dress with the help of three velvet laces and can be fastened with buttons on the wrists. Bodice of the dress has cut-outs where chemise can be seen. The dress is laced at the front. Bodice and sleeves have viscose lining.


  • Natural cotton based velvet
  • Viscose lining
  • Artificial pearls
  • Silvery lacet
  • Beads
  • Trim

Dress features:

  • Amazingly wide skirt (bottom circumference exceeds 11 yards)
  • Limited natural cotton based velvet
  • Pearls and beads embroidery
  • Detachable sleeves
  • 8 or 10 gussets
  • Round neck
  • Front lacing

This dress requires rather precise fit so please be careful while taking your measurements. Dress can be worn with or without corset though corset will definitely increase authenticity and emphasis of the outline. However you should be ready to pay for the beauty and historical authority with the necessity to keep a moral backbone continuously.

Color samples:

Deep blue velvet sample Flocked burgund velvet sample Raspberry red velvet sample Pink natural velvetDotted red velvet sample Violet natural velvet

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



Of the fabrics still available (the blue, burgundy and violet) do you have pictures of how they look with the trim? Do you recommend matching the color of the sleeve to the bodice? Or something else?

ArmStreet team:

Here're bigger swatches of the velvet available and the trim.
I personally prefer the sleeves to be the same color as the dress. Though, the dress with the contrast sleeves looks really noble!



What is the color combination used in the photos? I would love to surprise my wife with this beautiful dress

ArmStreet team:

The skirt from photos was made of Flocked purple velvet, bodice and sleeves - of Dotted reddish velvet, but they are not available any more, sorry.

To date the dress can be made of burgundy or dark blue velvet. Optionally available in white, black or flocked burgundy velvet upon request.


i just recieved this gown this is truly a historic dress and perfect fit perfect designed, as many say this is one of the best that armstreet has done. thankyou im one happy customer with many items purchased

ArmStreet team:

Many thanks for your feedback!

One of the best costumes Armstreet ever made and one of the best renaissance dresses I ever saw.
ArmStreet team:

Thank you for your compliments and you are welcome!


My favorite Armstreet's renaissance clothing costume. This looks AMAZING! Your choice of colours and photography is outstanding!

ArmStreet team:

Thank you! We love this dress too!

Morgana Pendragon:

Amazing!!! I really love this dress. And I love all the other new stuff! :) Oh, I wish I had money(not that it's that expensive but...)!!! The dress is beautiful(and the person wearing the dress(es) is beautiful as well):) I'm sure a lot of other people will love this series as well. You guys are amazing! Here I can find the most beautiful clothing. :)

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