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Medieval Style Suede Corset Belt “Lady of the Lake”

Medieval Style Suede Corset Belt “Lady of the Lake”

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Corset color:

Navy blue natural suede
Green natural suede


Corset Belt “Lady of the Lake”

Medieval style leather suede corset

Medieval corsets, bodices and corset belts are important part of medieval clothing. They improves you period look transforming dress into amazing noble costume.

“Lady of the Lake” corset belt is made of great quality natural suede leather decorated by nique trim and small scallops along bottom. This belt has 15 to 27 plasic bones (their number depends on size) which allows us to call it "corset". Corset makes your waist look thinner which is very welcomed by most ladies. Bottom line of the corset has elegant shape making this visual effect even stronger. Front lacing slit has V-type shape.

Corset is actually made of number of small elements with every one of those reinforced by plasic bones. In accordance to medieval tradition in should be cinched up very tough though front lacing allows you to adjust its size.


  • 100% natural suede
  • Metal (brass) half-rings
  • Golden color metallic soutache
  • Trim

Corset features:

  • V-shaped front lacing slit
  • Trimmed bottom
  • Elegant small scallops

Important notes about measurements and lacing:

  • Choosing right size for your corset use waist circumference as basic measurement. If your actual waist size is in between two sizes choose the largest one. Also choose larger size for more comfort fit if you have significant difference of waist circumference and under-bust circumference
  • Corset compresses your waist reducing waist circumference on up 2-4''. Laced slit is intentionally V-shaped for aesthetic reasons
  • Lace your corset from top to bottom for the best look.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



Is it possible to have this corset made in wine red with silver trim?

ArmStreet team:

Sorry, we don't have any red natural suede, it's available in black, brown, blue and green colors.

If you're looking for a reddish corset - we can offer the “Mistress of the Hills” linen corset belt or the Renaissance corset in Wine red or Burgundy linen, or the “Found Princess” bodice in Burgundy natural velvet.

Carole Castro:

This whole photoshoot was just stunningly done! LOVE


Hi, Can a corset be made with metal not plastic boning ? As I were it only with metal bones the others don't work for me. I understand the difference as I use the everyday ( corset) and if yes what is the cost of one with metal? Thank you.

ArmStreet team:

Sorry, our corsets can be made with plastic bones only for the technical reasons.


I would like to have this corset in black. Is it possible? As I would wear it with a red dress, which trim would you suggest?

ArmStreet team:

Can be made in black - with narrow "Lady Hunter" trim


  • red "Lady Rowena" trim


  • red "Archeress" trim



Hi, Is it possible to make the bodice in Brown suede with out the gold coloring? Thanx, Natalie

ArmStreet team:

Yes, can be made of brown suede with silver lacing and one of those trims:

  • brown "Archeress" trim 

  • silver Forest trim  

  • silver Celtic trim   


I was wondering if this could be made using a silver trim to match the stitching on the violet linen. Thanks.

ArmStreet team:

Yes, can be made with silver Celtic trim or silver Forest trim upon request.

Silver Celtic trim Silver Forest trim


Can this corset be made with all steel boning?

ArmStreet team:

Sorry, the corset can be made with plastic bones only.

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