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Medieval Dress Fantasy Tunic Costume

Medieval Dress Fantasy Tunic Costume
Not available

For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:

Medieval Cotton Dress

Fantasy dress with back lacing

This severe 100% natural medieval cotton black dress has long narrow sleeves with numerous authentic silver-coloured buttons and silvery great quality trim. It is very modest yet at the same time so beautiful!

Lacing allows making light size adjustments easily. It is at once apparent that the dress is medieval, from the XIII-XIV centuries. So it is completely unimportant whether such dress-pattern existed in real history or was just our designer’s phantom of the imagination. The fact that we clearly conceive what time and historical period this garb reproduces to us is much more important.

The attire will suit both for the young lady from any medieval European country and for the heroine from the fantasy story. One picture is worth thousand words, so just have a look.


  • 100% natural cotton
  • Paisley pattern trim
  • Small buttons

Dress features:

  • XIII-XIV centuries silhouette
  • High waist
  • Back lacing
  • Long sleeves with buttons and puff at the top

Can be made of 100% flax linen of various colours for extra charge (for this option you should contact our manager).

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



Would be possible to get that dress in different color? How much and how long it may take?

ArmStreet team:

Pre-made dress is available in black cotton only, sorry.

Optionally can be made to order in black, white, green or dark blue cotton for $129 + $25 shipping. Also we can make it from flax linen for $164 + $25 shipping. Manufacturing takes 23-27, plus shipping - 16-21 days.


Is it possible to have it shipped more quickly?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, we can use EMS express delivery, it takes 10 business days and costs $69 for this dress. If this works for you, please order via the site and add a comment with your deadline and cell number (required for express mail). We'll send an invoice for the extra charge for express delivery to your PayPal email.


Hi, just wondering if you could make a long-trimmed belt (like the one that comes with the Hunter's Lady) to go with this dress? Thanks, Kelly

ArmStreet team:

Such trimmed belt will cost $35 extra. Please add a comment to your order, and we'll send an invoice for the belt to your PayPal email.


Hi! I really like this dress but I have a question. I would play violin with it and I wonder if the sleeves' cloth is flexible enough to do so. And also, would it be possible to get shorter sleeves, like showing wrists? Thanks so much!

ArmStreet team:

The sleeves can be made slightly shorter, simply add a comment to your order.


This is the 3rd dress I have purchased from Armstreet! I have it in Black. Just love it!

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for your feedback, JoAnne!


Is this the same dress pattern as the "Forest Princess"? If not, how is it different?

ArmStreet team:

Exactly, but fabrics and trims are different.


I live in the Pakistan, can I buy this one for my fiance and also tell me if I buy this how much time you required and which way you send me.

ArmStreet team:

We do ship worldwide, you're welcome! Manufacturing takes 23-27 days, plus delivery via regular international airmail takes 16-21 days to the most of the countries, 5-7 weeks totally.


Would you charge extra for a different trim? for example, the gold celtic one?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, golden Celtic trim (narrow) costs $10 extra, simply add a comment to your order.


hello. thank you again for this dress, i have now the dress in both short sleeves and long sleeves.. every item i have recieved from you fits perfectly. the designed also. thanks love it

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for the feedback! Always welcome back!


Hello, I was wondering if this dress also comes in the other fixed sizes. Only size 2 and 4 are listed. Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

We produce this dress in all sizes, but to date they are out of stock, sorry.


I bought this dress for my sister in green and she liked it very much. It's well manifactured and fits perfectly. Fast shipping. Cristina

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for your feedback, Cristina! Always welcome to ArmStreet!


This dress looks absolutely beautiful! Would you mind answering or showing what the green version would look like? How dark of a green is it? Thank you, and keep up the excellent work!

ArmStreet team:

There are no pictures of this dress in green. Here is a tunic made of green cotton, and bigger sample:

Green cotton


Hello!! I just received my dress and it's beautiful!! Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I did have one question though: what is your recommended care for such a garment? Thank you again!!

ArmStreet team:

Thank you! It's machine washable, here is our clothing care guide.


Hi! I am very interested in purchasing thie medieval fantasy dress tunic costume. I am about 5'10 and was wondering if the fixed size would be long enough? Thank you!

ArmStreet team:

Fixed size (women's) are made for full height 5' 6", so it's better to order the dress in custom size.


What is the length of the fixed size dress in M? Thank you!

ArmStreet team:

The length of small and medium sized dresses is 58" (148 cm).


I have had this dress for three or four years now and it is still just like new! =) I have worn it to the Renaissance fair every year that I had it and I have also worn it for Halloween every year. I really like the way it fits as well. It is just overall good quality, and well worth the price in my opinion.

ArmStreet team:

Wow! Thanks for the review, Nicola!


Thanks a lot for this dress, it is very beautiful :) The dark blue color is just what I wanted - almost black. Material isn't too thin that allows it to drop nicely. Thank you :))

ArmStreet team:

Great, thanks for the feedback! Always welcome!


Hi! I am going to buy this dress for my girlfriend for Christmas. I was looking at the measurements that I need to put in and there isn't a place for her arm length. Is that needed or do you have a way of making the sleeves the right length from her other measurements?

ArmStreet team:

We're able to calculate the length of the arms using her full height and other measurements. Or you can specify her arm length (measured from external point of the shoulder to wrist measured along external side) in a comment to your order.

Luda Begley:

Thank you so much for this dress! It is such a great thing that you do dresses in custom sizes - it fits perfect and the quality is superb! I love it!

ArmStreet team :

Thank you! Always welcome!


i love medieval dresses and when my my mum ordered this for me i was over the moon. it's the most beautiful dress i own, its fits perfectly and the detail is gorgeous. im so happy with my dress and i shall be wearing it on an evening out (i like to stand out from the crowd) thank you so much, i shall be buying again defonatley! x

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for your amazing feedback! Always welcome back!


Hi! Would it be possible to get this dress in the green color with a different trim? Also, silly question: is it washable? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

Green color - yes, simply choose it in the order form above. Different trim - yes, please specify which trim do you prefer (some of them may cost extra, about $10-30).
It's machine washable, here is our clothing care guide.

Mary and Audrey:

Hello! We've just received the two dresses we ordered some weeks ago! (Black and Blue) What a wonderful work! The two dresses (black and blue) were carefully produced! Shipping was really fast (I live in France). I was suprised because I didn't received a confirmation of my order by mail, but the team of Armstreet has been really available when I had to check that everything was ok :) The communication is perfect :) Just a little thing that disapointed me: the blue is really dark and is quite similar to the black in the end (I mean comparing to the color previews). But it's not a real problem as the dress is still really beautiful! :D Thanks Armstreet! Mary and Audrey

ArmStreet team:

Thank you for your honest review! Always welcome back!


Just love this dress. I ordered it a couple years back and I have gotten countless compliments on it. Great workmanship and a fit to die for.

ArmStreet team:

Thank you, Brittany!


I'm really interested in this dress, but if I ordered it and wasn't happy could I return it and get my money back? I'm just concerned that I won't like how I look in it, after being a tom-boy for years I'm still rather shy in dresses

ArmStreet team:

For custom sized items the return policy is exchange only.
Fixed size items can be refunded if item returned back in original condition.


Hello!! :) This dress is really incredible!! I love it! They fit me very well and I'd like to thank you :) Beautiful solid, amazing editing! I can only recommend. :)

ArmStreet team:

Thank you for the great feedback! Always welcome to ArmStreet!

vicki marchant:

This is a superbly made dress!!! I am sooo happy with my purchase!! It fits so perfectly...just really amazing. Great quality in the trim. Can't wait til the next Renaissance Festival begins!! HUZZAH!!

ArmStreet team:

Welcome anytime again, Vicki!

Betsy Bodamer:

Hi. I was wondering - its hard to tell on my screen - if the one cotton color is a royal blue or a purple. I was hoping you could clarify. I was also curious what trim was used with this color. Thank you. Betsy

ArmStreet team:

Dress is available in black, dark blue, green and white. Trim is the same to one shown in photos.


how dark of a blue is the blue option?

ArmStreet team :

Blue cotton is dark, it's close to black colour. Here is a tunic made of blue cotton, and bigger samples of blue and black cotton:

Blue cotton Black cotton


Hello! For the white version of the dress, the trim is the same? Thanks! Cati :)


Yes, and it looks great with white cotton.


This dress is great. very much so, oh yes, very much.

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for the feedback, Mykaela!

Serina Dausener:

Is this dress machine washable or does this dress need to be dry cleaned and is there a chance of it shrinking?

ArmStreet team:

It's machine washable, use water of the temperature not higher than 30°C (86°F) in gentle/delicate mode. Extraction also in gentle/delicate mode. Hot drying is allowed.
Shrinkage can be avoided by following these simple care guidelines.


Hello.....regarding the jewelry this model is wearing...necklace and you have these for sale? Thanks


This necklace isn't available, but we can offer a lot of new amazing items in jewelry.

Holly Pearson:

Hi, I would also love to see pictures of this dress in blue and white if you have any? Thanks Holly.

ArmStreet team:

Usually we make photo shoots of our items in one basic color only, so there are no pictures of this dress in different colors, sorry.

Elaine Bishop:

I live in the united kingdom, is this shipping price the same regardless of where you are sending it?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, shipping costs the same for all countries and states.

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