Medieval Classic Men's Set

Men's shirt and overtunic set


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Medieval Classic Men's Set

Men's shirt and overtunic set

This is very classic medieval set. Long-sleeved shirt is made on the basis of authentic medieval pattern of pure natural flax linen. The shirt can be used without overtunic as well.

Short-sleeved overtunic is also made of natural flax linen with great quality originally designed trim with medieval pattern.

Both parts of the garb can be used separately, you can wear overtunic only when it's hot, shirt when you need light but full-sleeved clothing and both items together as a full garb.

Optionally you can purchase the shirt or the overtunic separately.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural flax linen
  • Trim

Costume features:

  • Knee length
  • Side slits
  • Drawstring casing on the neckline (shirt)
  • Loose poet sleeves (shirt)
  • V-neck (overtunic)
  • Short sleeves with slits (overtunic)

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  • Dawn 04 of October 2016:

    I ordered this set for my five year old son, and you guys did an amazing job - it fit him perfectly! I will be sending photos in soon. It is seriously cute in miniature form. He has gotten MANY compliments while wearing it. Thank you so much! :)

    ArmStreet team answered :

    That is really nice to hear that because usually we don`t make clothes for kids. We`re so glad to hear that the costume fits! :) We`ll be looking forward to seeing the photos!

  • stacy harper 23 of October 2015:

    i love this outfit for my hubby..thing is i would like it in the blue flax and wondering what color is the decor/design on the chest and sleeves with the blue wanna get the right color shoes and belt???

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Blue tunic basically comes with blue trim. Or you can specify preferable trim in a comment to your order - can be made with blue, red or brown trim upon request.

  • Garry 04 of April 2015:

    Hi Can you please tell me the name of the boots worn by the model in the pictures here: Medieval Classic Shirt and Overtunic Flax Linen Set. They appear to be different to those shown in the "related items" section and I cannot find them amongst your footwear options. They appear to look a little like the Persians, but seem to have buckles at the back. I am very interested in buying the complete costume as worn by the model. Thankyou. Garry

    ArmStreet team answered 06 of April 2015:

    This is a modified version of the Handmade Long Leather “Persian” Boots, this model is no longer produced, sorry.

  • David Baca 29 of December 2014:

    Can this be ordered with the same trim that can be selected in the Medieval Linen Dress “Archeress” I would like to try to make matching outfits.

    ArmStreet team answered 29 of December 2014:

    This set comes with the “Archeress” trim by default  :)
    You can specify preferable trim color (red, brown or blue) in a comment to your order.

  • David 26 of December 2014:

    In the fifth picture of the Medieval Classic Shirt and Overtunic Flax Linen Set is a small bag on the belt, is that something that is available but not posted, I could not find it on the web site.

    ArmStreet team answered 29 of December 2014:

    This is the same pouch as the ones that come in sets with trellis pattern and spiral pattern. The pouch separately costs $26 + $12 (shipping), simply email us at

  • Kamol Ruengthong 25 of September 2014:

    Do you offer the Midnight flax color for this full-sleeve shirt?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    The shirt comes in natural, white or black color.

  • Paula 13 of September 2014:

    I need 2 complete outfits for a wedding. I would need all by September 30th. Is there any chance that it is doable?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Yes, we can use express delivery. Please email us at for more details.

  • Catrin 05 of May 2014:

    Hi, do you have an idea of how well this outfit would work for women, given the low cut on the neckline of both tunics? Thank you.

  • Baibin 18 of April 2013:

    Hello, Please, I'd like to order two of them but I just need to know if I can have the overtunic with celtic yellow or blue braiding (the braiding like on "Anne of Kiev" dress) . Please, answer me, summer is coming and I need to order quickly. Thanks . Best regards.

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Can be made with "Anne of Kiev" narrow Celtic trim (yellow-green or blue-red for your choice) for $10 extra per one set ($20 extra per two sets).

  • Rudy Martin 19 of January 2013:

    Good material, well sewn, timely shipping, fits well and good strong colors

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Thank you!

  • Tom Gonzales 19 of January 2001:

    Just what I wanted,it is perfect,and I will keep buying from this site

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Great, thank you, Tom!

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