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Handmade Long Leather “Persian” Boots

Handmade Long Leather “Persian” Boots

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Manufacturing time:30-35 Days

Leather color:

Brown leather
Light brown leather


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Handmade Long Leather “Persian” Boots

Eastern handmade leather boots

Simple but elegant long boots will make your medieval look complete. They also are reliable and comfortable footwear which ensure that you will enjoy them in any type of activities such as field usage, training or participation in the medieval style events.
Shoes are fully handmade and handstitched of 100% natural leather. Outsole is made of hard leather like it was made in medieval times. Please take into account that today`s roads are much harder than medieval. Rubber outsole will provide additional protection for you feet and shoes. It will also work if you need these shoes for any type of sword-fighting practice because rubber is less slippery than leather.


  • 100% natural leather
  • Rubber

Technical details:

  • Natural hard leather sole
  • 100% handmade
  • Hand-stitched

Historical reference:

There wasn't universal footwear size chart in the medieval times. Shoes was made specially for particular customer. Our persian boots are made of four pieces of high-quality leather in accordance to authentic technology which helps us make these boots comfortable for any type and size of foot. It is also allows create and fix these shoes in shape that was typical for Persian high boots.
Generally these shoes relates to Persian design but they will be nice accessory for any medieval style costume.

Important note about measurements:

Please take your measurements carefully - it will help us making the pair of shoes perfectly fit for you.
Please also bear in mind that our shoes are made of 100% natural leather that`s why it is normal that it fits very slim when you are getting your new pair. They will stretch and after one or two days of usage shoes will get your feet shape.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



Is the leather you use veg tanned? Many thanks.

ArmStreet team:

The leather is tanned in industrial way with chemical tannins.

Seth Rinker:
Can these be purchased with rubber soles?
ArmStreet team:

Yes, these boots can be made with rubber soles for $15 extra. Please add a comment to your order, and we'll send you an invoice for the extra charge.

Colleen Canniffe:

HI, I have bought 4 pairs of boots from you in the past, couple years ago. They are the best! So comfortable...Just love them. Wondering, I wanted to buy a pair from my partner, of the persian boots, and if possible take advantage of the "staywithus" promo. Can i buy now and pay but i dont see my partner til begin of August to take his measurements. Will this be buy now and send through measurements later??? Thank you Kind regards Colleen

ArmStreet team:

Sure, you can place your order now and send the measurements at your convenience. Please simply add a comment to your order.

Leanne Welch:

I need these Persian style long boots, but in black. Is this possible? Thanx Leanne

ArmStreet team:

These boots cannot be made in black color, sorry.

Talieson Solmon:

bought some of these a few months back. Really enjoy the look, though getting them on and off has proven difficult since there is no slope in the back. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time, though if you're doing rigorous activity you'll need to add something to the bottom to give them any sort of grip.

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for your feedback, Talieson!

Mikhal Turov:

How well will these boots hold up for Sca combat? I have purchased boots before and they only lasted about 3 months on the field.

ArmStreet team:

For SCA combat - we recommend to order these boots with rubber soles, this costs $15 extra.

Lucas Ryan:

I've been wearing my Persian-style boots for three weeks as a Renaissance Festival performer in a character that is constantly walking on a gravel path for close to 6-8 hours a day on the weekends, and with a cheap, boot insole inserted in these, they have been the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn on site, and they fit the character better than anything else I've seen offered on other Renaissance or Medieval footwear sites. The rest of my costume is extremely colorful and vibrant with silks and gold trims and embroidery, but I still have many people specifically stopping me to comment on the boots.

ArmStreet team:

Great, many thanks for such an amazing review!

Kim Smestad:

I have an ortho insert about 1/4 inch thick and need room for it to wear in these. I am a ladies 9 and 1/2 Wide. Will that work? Are these fairly easy off and on? I will place an order upon a reply from you. Thanks for your time. Thank you, Kim

ArmStreet team :

These boots are custom size. Please take your measurements properly and enter them in the order form (when the item is already in your cart).
How measure yourself please check here. If you're going to wear socks, please take measurements wearing them.

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