Limited Grey Cloak “Labyrinth”

Unique cloak with Ogham runic numbers

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Limited Grey Cloak “Labyrinth”

Unique cloak with embroidered Ogham runic numbers

Her intentions are still water, that runs deep. Any minute now your boat might be sucked into the maelstrom. She's the last of the Druids, and here comes her key attribute.
We were headed to capture the concept of what we love in the old robe images and now feel completely right about this cloak. Limited run - this season only!

Fabric plays a great role since you can have a simple outfit, yet carry a great symbol of the prehistoric style on you by wearing this gray shaggy cloak. It's 3/4 circle cut identically to the black cloak version, but slightly elastic wool allows to wrap yourself in the cloak completely when feeling cold in the strengthening northerly winds. Ankle length is highly functional as prevents tripping over it or dragging over uneven terrain when out in the fields.

The cloak features a deep voluminous hood of unusual cut, that covers a wearer's head and face with all shadowed mystery, and a pointed tailpiece at the back portion of the head. Accentuated embroidered edges make for an interesting take on the tribal aesthetic, especially when paired with woven jute closures. Get the best of both practicality and fabulousness in equal measure.

The stock is highly limited, thus we're going to produce twenty-six cloaks only, and discontinue it right after the last one is sold. Emphasizing their uniqueness, each cloak gets a hand-embroidered runic serial number, from 1 to 26. Those were consciously created by ArmStreet designers especially and exclusively for the “Labyrinth” collection on the basis of the Ogham alphabet. The following table shows how the runic Ogham numbers correspond with the serial numbers. Owning one of these cloaks means having a truly unique piece.

Ogham refers to the earliest written representation of the old Irish language, forming words using Gaelic symbols commonly associated with the Druidic class. Possibly it was intended as a secret form of communication. Ogham writing appears as the series of lines and angles on monumental inscriptions carved in stone pillars and various megaliths dating from 2th-6th centuries A.D. But more than that, its symbols underlie a divinatory system much like the Runes, correlating with the lunar calendar.

Although Druidic magic is alive, you can wear it for another reason. Because each of the Istari wizards had his own color, and we all remember whose color was Grey.

Runes samples

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  • Coarse natural wool;
  • Cotton inner accents;
  • Cotton thread;
  • Jute closures.


  • Unique runic serial number;
  • One-size - 55 1/8" (140 cm) long;
  • Voluminous hood;
  • Hand embroidery;
  • Hand stitching;
  • 3/4 circle cut.

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  • avalyen 24 of February 2017:

    omg.. want it want one with a runic serial number getting my collection of labyrinth all need now is the bag the necklace boots and espeically the cloak with the runic number on it..amazing!

  • mags 24 of February 2017:

    if only you did a limited Alchemist's Daughter rain coat that had the same design as the dress with the detachable sleeves not as long as the dress green and warm with a hood like this cloak

    ArmStreet team:

    We'll pass your request to the designer :) To date, we can offer you our standard Labyrinth cloak which can be made in Green or Red wine.

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