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Limited “Mika” Viking Dress

Woolen winter tunic with leather trim

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Limited Edition “Mika” Viking Dress

Woolen winter tunic with leather trim

Practical, comfortable, and stylish, this dress is perfect for Vikings who like to fight as well as those who prefer to sit around the hearth. When looking to historical sources, women’s Viking tunics actually weren’t very different from men’s - just generally longer. That means that you still get lots of room in the shoulder and arm for movement, and don’t have to worry about getting the dress perfectly fitted (unlike fashion that appeared later in the Middle Ages).

This dress comes to just about the ankle, giving you a bit of room to move without tripping over it. The sleeves are long, starting out with lots of room to move up near the shoulder and tapering down to be more narrow at the wrist. The dress itself skims your body and is not meant to be skin-tight, but instead hang a bit looser to allow for movement. If you’re looking to cinch it at the waist, we recommend a belt. The skirt part of the dress is quite wide, made more voluminous with gores, which makes it drape really nicely and move in a beautiful way when you walk or twirl.

This dress is full of beautiful little embellishments that fade into the dress and look very natural. Wolf trim is used along the bottom of the dress, with natural wool cord around it. At the sleeves and neckline, you’ll find Viking knotwork trim, as well as very soft leather edging. All of the seams along the gores and arms are accented with a herringbone stitch, which matches the texture of the dress wonderfully and brings the whole garment to another level.

You’ll probably never see wool quite this beautiful and hardy again. It’s a 100% natural wool in a tweed weave, and over time it will wear in beautifully. This is the perfect winter textile for a dress because it is still breathable, but also very insulating, and works very well with layering, under leather armor, or just on its own!

Every single little detail of this dress is magnificent. The whole thing is expertly sewn by our team of experienced seamstresses, using all of their magic to make sure seams are well finished and strong, and raw edges of trims and borders are all hidden. All of the herringbone embroidery is applied by hand, which is a huge job in itself!

Overall, this limited edition dress is sure to be one of your wardrobe favorites. It is made out of a truly special material that we have in a limited quantity. Only 20 dresses of its kind will be made. Emphasizing their uniqueness, each tunic gets a hand-embroidered runic serial number, from 1 to 20. Those were consciously created by ArmStreet designers on the basis of the Ogham alphabet. The following table shows how the runic Ogham numbers correspond with the serial numbers. Owning one of these dresses means having a truly unique piece.

Ogham refers to the earliest written representation of the old Irish language, forming words using Gaelic symbols commonly associated with the Druidic class. Possibly it was intended as a secret form of communication. Ogham writing appears as the series of lines and angles on monumental inscriptions carved in stone pillars and various megaliths dating from 2th-6th centuries A.D. But more than that, its symbols underlie a divinatory system much like the Runes, correlating with the lunar calendar.

Runes samples

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% wool;
  • Leather edging;
  • Wolf trim;
  • Wool cord.


  • Limited edition - just 1 tunics left!
  • Embroidered limited rune and matching necklace;
  • Beautiful wool tweed;
  • Leather edging;
  • Wolf trim;
  • Classic viking tunic design.

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1 Comment

  • Leanne 27 of July 2022:

    This similar to Borghild the Brave” Viking Tunic Source: https://m.armstreet.com/store/medieval-clothing/limited-edition-viking-tunic-borghild-the-brave except in wool its beautiful i like that i have the gorgeous borghild

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2 Feedbacks

  • Blaze 25 of July 2022:

    Absolutely gorgeous and fits so well. The fabric is even lovelier in person than what I saw online. I am grateful to have this custom dress in my wardrobe and plan to wear it often as the weather cools down. Thank you Armstreet, and I wish you all health and safety as you continue to craft these one of a kind pieces for us. You are all so appreciated and I share you with everyone I know!

  • Leanne 04 of April 2022:

    My dress is beautiful and fits perfectly and the quality is everything I expect from Armstreet. I feel very privileged to have it. I wish the best for all of Armstreet's crew and hope you are all safe.

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