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“Lady Rowena” Exclusive Decorated Chemise

“Lady Rowena” Exclusive Decorated Chemise

Shipping & Manufacturing

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Standard shipping time:16-21 Days
Express shipping:$41.00
Express shipping time:5-8 Days
Manufacturing time:41-45 Days

Chemise color:

White flax linen


 Blue Rowena trim
Red Rowena trim


inches cm

Chemise “Lady Rowena”

Exclusive decorated medieval underdress

This chemise has classic medieval silhouette with slim-fit waist and very wide skirt, which makes it very nice and flowing.

As additional unique feature it has slim sleeves with buttons and long front lacing which gives you extra possibilities to make it more or less slim-fit.

Chemise is decorated with exclusive ArmStreet trim specially designed for this series.


  • 100% natural flax linen
  • Buttons
  • Trim

Chemise features:

  • Classic medieval silhouette
  • Slim-fit sleeves with buttons
  • Front lacing
  • Trimmed hem and sleeves

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



can this be made with laces on the sleeves and not buttons?

ArmStreet team:

This cannot be done, sorry. Instead, we can offer you our Medieval Exclusive XIV Century Style Chemise Underdress with the trim on the sleeves edges and on the hem (+$25.00 to the price).

Naomi N:

I'm interested in this and the Lady Rowena dress but based on the pictures I am worried a little bit about them falling off my shoulders. Is the neckline the same as the Autumn Princess dress (I have that one so am trying to compare) or is it wider than that? Do you think this is a potential issue with this dress, and if so is it possible to make it smaller, or customized if I add in my neck-to-shoulder measurement? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

This dress has a slightly wider neckline than the Autumn Princess dress. To prevent falling off the shoulders, we recommend to measure the length of your shoulder (#3 in our size chart) and shoulders breadth from the back, and add these measurements in a comment to your order.


Is it possible to get this chemise in other colors besides the white flax? Like possibly the gold or black linen? And can I get any trims on it besides the Rowena trim? I'm looking at this as a potential under dress for the Medieval Franks Dress.

ArmStreet team:

Can be made of black fine linen upon request, simply add a comment to your order.

Optionally we can make it with the Franks trim on the hem, but the sleeves cannot be made with Franks trim - it's too wide for them. We can just leave them without the trim if needed.

Andrea Larsen:

Hi there, I just received this dress I ordered, and though I love it and it's beautiful, I was a bit disappointed at the transparency. You can see my nipples right through it. Do the models in the photos have other bras on to prevent this? Also one of the buttons was already broken upon trying it on. Does it become more flexible after washing it? The fabric did not allow any movement in the shoulders if I have to lift my arms I am afraid to tear it.

ArmStreet team:

It's made of thin fine linen, which is produced specially for the base layer clothing. It can be see-through, so we recommend wearing them as underwear or sleepwear. To prevent transparency the chemise should be complemented with matching colored seamless foundation garment/underwear.

We're very sorry for such a problem with the button, we'll send you several buttons for the replacement immediately.

Linen fabric does not stretch, since there are no synthetic fibers, but it has the advantage of getting softer with use and washing. The more linen is washed, the softer it gets because the fibers are broken down during the process. You may use a conditioner for natural fabrics for fabric softening; rinse your garment thoroughly to avoid stiffening due to detergent residue.


Will this chemise be available in sizes 4 to 6?

ArmStreet team:

Restocking time frames vary. While we cannot provide any accurate information about when the size 4 or size 6 will be back in stock, sorry. Please note, you can order this chemise in custom size (made to order).


Does the stock version come with the red trim by default? (In other words, would I need to custom order to get the blue trim, or do you have any stock sizes with it?)

ArmStreet team:

The stock version comes with red trim (as pictured). To get the chemise with blue trim, please order it in custom size.


What does "Please put measurements as value with floating point" mean? That's not an English construction I'm familiar with. Sorry and Thanks.

ArmStreet team:

The point is that non-integral numbers should be written as a decimal numbers, rather than a common fractions.

For example, your wrist circumference is seven inches and a half. Then write it as 7.5, not 7 1/2.


How wide is the skirt bottom of the lady Rowena chemise?

ArmStreet team:

The skirt is 6-7 meters (20-23 ft) wide, depending on your height.

Sam T:

Is “Lady Rowena Exclusive Decorated Chemise" suitable under "Medieval Linen Dress Archeress”?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, but please note, that the chemise has long sleeves, while the dress has short sleeves.


Could this chemise be made with no trim?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, simply add a comment to your order.


Hi, I'm debating whether I also want to order the Lady Rowena chemise - I need to know the bicep AND lower arm circumferences for the sizes 10 and 12, please. Another dress I had bought from you with the same sleeves a few years ago is now too tight in the arms… Hoping to place my order this Black Friday weekend while the sale is on. Thx

ArmStreet team:

Here is the chart - circumference of the sleeve at the upper arm and lower arm:
size 10 - upper arm 39 cm (15.3"), lower arm 19.5 cm (7.7")
size 12 - upper arm 43 cm (17"), lower arm 20 cm (7.9").

Rowena Whaling:

Hello... I love your clothes. II am an author and am doing a book tour this fall, when my new book is released. I plan to have several of your outfits to wear. Can or will you make this "Lady Rowena" in black flax? I really hope so... Thank you. Rowena Whaling

ArmStreet team:

This chemise can be made in white color only, sorry.


Is it possible to have the lacing at the front moved to the back?

ArmStreet team:

Such modification costs $30 extra. Just add a comment to your order, and we'll send an invoice for the extra charge to your PayPal email.


hi there! I'm curious if this dress can be special ordered with solid colored trim ribbon, or even no trim ribbon, while leaving the beadwork as is?

ArmStreet team:

Without trim or without beads - yes; with beads, but w/o trim - nope, sorry.

Mike Clifford:

Is the headress available?

ArmStreet team:

The headpiece can be made to order for $200, its manufacturing takes about 2 weeks. It's made out of wire, artificial pearls and false hair (you can specify which hair color you need).

Melissa M:
Can the Lady Rowena chemise be made without sleeves?
ArmStreet team:

Without sleeves - yes, simply email us after purchasing. But not with short sleeves (like a t-shirt).


My friend and I both have the Lady Rowena dresses in different colours, and are looking to order the chemises. Do you make the chemise in both the red and blue trims?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, the chemise can be made with red or blue color trim. You're welcome!

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