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Medieval Gown “Townswoman”

Flax linen dress with lacing


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Middle Ages Linen Dress “Townswoman”

Flax linen dress with lacing

Our “Townswoman” dress is beautiful in its simplicity: lush flax linen is combined with a flattering pattern for a perfect basic garment. While other items in our collections dazzle customers with embellished details and ornate patterns, this dress shines in its ability to not only be a staple in any medieval wardrobe but look great on absolutely anyone!

The base pattern for this dress has been a bestseller at ArmStreet for years, especially at events. Not only is the dress short-sleeved and great for the summer, but the fitted bodice and voluminous skirt mean that it looks amazing on tons of different body types. There is no particular reference or historical garment we based this on, but the four-gored skirt and central lacing can be compared to a late XIV century cotehardie and other dress styles that were popular in the XV century.

We’ve achieved the perfect fit by offering adjustable lacing at the front of the dress. This means that you change how it fits depending on how you’re feeling on the day – you can close it tightly if you’re not wearing a chemise underneath or leave it loose to show fabric underneath if you are. Synthetic lacing is used because it is very strong but also very smooth, making it easy to unlace and relace. Hidden metal lacing rings have been robustly attached to the middle split of the dress, and they have been sewn in such a way that they aren’t visible from the outside.

The sleeves for this dress are detachable and do not actually attach to the dress. Instead, they act more like “arm warmers”, staying in place with the help of a fitted shape and adjustable lacing. A waxed cotton cord creates little loops to house synthetic lacing. The sleeves go from the elbow down to your wrist, with a flared end that rests gently on the back of your hand.

The dress and sleeves are made from 100% flax linen, which is a natural fabric that is wonderfully breathable. Though it can start quite starchy, it changes over time to fit your body and drape softly. It’s the perfect fabric for summer but also a great insulator in winter.

This whole garment has been expertly tailored by our seamstresses with decades of experience. The skirt, sleeves, and neckline are all trimmed in contrasting linen, and it is sewn so that the borders hide any exposed seams. Though it looks simple from the outside, this dress is actually full of fine little details that make it a great wardrobe staple that will last you for years to come.

The chemise (underdress) is not included, but available in our store.

To check how to measure yourself, please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% flax linen;
  • Synthetic lacing;
  • Metal lacing rings;
  • Waxed cotton cord.


  • Short sleeves;
  • Slim fit bodice;
  • Voluminous skirt;
  • Contrasting color trim;
  • Detachable arm-warmer style sleeves;
  • Adjustable lacing.

This item is part of the “Stories of the Castle” collection

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3 Feedbacks

  • Shenzi Hemlock 13 of October 2023:

    This shop is a must stop for any fantasy/Renaissance/medieval clothes you want to buy. I know it’s a bit pricy but it is absolutely worth every penny. The quality really shines through in everything they make and I adore this dress. The yellow is a deep marigold and the flax linen feels wonderful to the touch. I already have another dress from this shop that I want to buy!

  • Marissa Donnelly 13 of October 2023:

    Amazing dress. Exactly like the pictures. I was able to get it exactly when I needed it, which was impressive considering they had to make it custom for my height. It’s absolutely perfect!!!

  • Jana Pribylova 13 of October 2023:

    This dress is just gorgeous! Perfect cut and workmanship - as always with Armstreet. It is very decent and follows the figure beautifully. The Townswoman chemise looks very good under the dress. I still have to buy the belt that is in the picture:-)

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