Dark Age Medieval Leather Shoes

Handmade shoes with buttons


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Dark Age Medieval Leather Shoes

Handmade shoes with buttons

Great looking Dark-age style shoes are a perfect accessory for any medieval style costume or SCA character`s garb. These authentic shoes will complete your medieval look and will be reliable and cozy footwear as well.

Natural leather lacing made in accordance with authentic early medieval design is convenient and elegant. Shoes are fully handmade of 100% natural leather. The sole is also made of natural hard leather just like it was made hundreds of years ago. Authentic soles can be reinforced with the modern anti-slip rubber outsoles to prolong the service time of your loved shoes. This option is free, just mention it in the comment to your order.

Historical reference:

Simple but functional design is typical for shoes of medieval period. Shoes was sewed from two parts or cut from one piece of material. That`s why there could be upper seam but it is not necessary.
Leather-working technology was quite primitive in medieval times and natural stretching of leather was commonly used in shoemaking to get feet`s shape.
Outsole (just like in our shoes) was made of much harder leather to protect feet from injuries and boot from premature wear. It is reliably sewed to our boot and thread is hidden into a cut in outsole to prevent it from fraying. Additional glue soaking protects the thread and makes it stronger.

Important note about measurements:

Please be accurate taking measurements — that influences very much at our ability to make the item that will suit you perfectly.
Also, you should remember that natural leather is soft material and it will stretch so when you are getting your shoes it is normal that it fits very slim. It will get your feet shape after one or two days of usage.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Important note: Brown, Natural and Cream leather shades may vary, as unfortunately we can't control color of leather which comes from our suppliers. Sometimes it may be darker or lighter, so if tone of the leather is important factor for you, please contact us before purchase to ascertain which color exactly we have in stock at the moment. Thank you for understanding.


  • 100% natural leather
  • Natural leather lacing

Technical details:

  • 100% handmade
  • Hand-stitched
  • Natural hard leather sole

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  • johnathon 03 of April 2019:

    I am a 10 half size shoe what size do i need for my renisance shoe

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Johnathon, please send us your foot length and foot circumference measurements so we could help you to choose the right size. 

  • Maya 27 of December 2010:

    i love them... very nice work, they are something i want to wear... good job

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank you! You are welcome anytime, this is the very classic model!

  • Alain Furrer 24 of March 2009:

    strong instep. rubber sole. Thanks.

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank you for the review!

  • Claude Johnston 20 of January 2008:

    Substantial high quality leather, historical detailing was perfect, thank you.

  • Jorge Malone 06 of January 2007:

    Boots arrived in A+ condition, perfectly fitting! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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