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Medieval Small Shield

Steel Leaf-shaped Buckler


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Talhoffer Leaf-shaped Buckler

XV century companion weapon for hand-to-hand combat

Why would one carry a buckler? Why does this shield’s “little brother” even exist?

The answer is simple: one can carry a buckler in everyday life without any noticeable discomfort. Just like a sword replaces a heavy lance for a knight or for a man at arms once they are out of the battlefields, the bucklers replace the shields. And that is why there is a lot of treaties teaching to fight with an arming sword and a buckler or a side sword and a buckler combination - which are deadly effective.

So, basically, a buckler is a small shield with a central grip which could be easily carried around. And the idea of creating such a convenient thing that serves both as a protection and a weapon does not belong to Europe solely. Small shields of this type were found in many countries including India and the Middle East. One can even see something similar to a buckler on some old Celtic images from the times many centuries prior to the Middle Ages.

This particular buckler was inspired by famous Hans Talhoffer’s “Fechtbuch” and the illustrations from it. It has a usual leaf-like shape with aggressively spiked angles and would be even more effective for striking than a more common round buckler. However, the edges of the buckler are reinforced with a twisted metal wire, which not only makes this buckler more robust but also safer for your training partners and opponents.

And, of course, just as many things we make, this buckler is not only a practical and fully functional object but also a great good-looking addition to your appearance – its unusual shape with mirror-polished steel will definitely catch eyes.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 16 ga spring steel (1.5 mm);
  • Leather-wrapped grip.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Length: 17,1" (435 mm)
  • Width:  12,2" (310 mm)
  • Handle: 4,9" (125 mm)
  • Boss diameter: 5,3" (135 mm)
  • Weight: 2,3 lbs (1045 g)

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