"Dark Star" Canvas Gambeson

Two-piece female gambeson with lacing

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“Dark Star” Canvas Gambeson

Two-piece female gambeson with lacing

Don’t cross the Dark Star - I promise it will be the last thing that you will ever do. Sure, you may feel drawn in by her sharp wit, but don’t kid yourself - she doesn’t need you any more than she needs anyone else. Believe me, it’s better just to sit back and watch the other poor fools who fall into her orbit.

Are you ready to fall in love with our new collection of armor and accessories designed especially to fit the female figure? The Dark Star is our long-awaited foray into full plate armor for women, and we have designed it to be comfortable, functional, and of course - beautiful! This gambeson is a design that we have worked on for a very long time, and we are pleased to be launching it alongside the rest of the “Dark Star” collection. As a woman, it can be very difficult to find a gambeson that fits well, is comfortable and looks great. We wanted to create something that would satisfy all of these requirements and more. After months of testing designs, we finally decided on this two-piece gambeson, which is perfect for HEMA, fencing, LARP, SCA, and many other formats of fighting.

Our historical inspiration for this gambeson was the XIV-XV century. Gambesons in this time period were shorter and more fitted compared to Viking and other earlier designs. This later style only comes down to your hips and is quite fitted. There are two segments to this gambeson: the sleeves and the vest. Instead of lacing on at the shoulder (as many sleeve/vest combinations do), the sleeves are connected by an unpadded crop-top type layer which laces up the middle with metal eyelets. The sleeve padding comes all the way up to the top of the shoulder, and the sleeves have a split from wrist to forearm which will allow you to put bracers or other armor overtop. The vest is completely padded and has been designed to hug your curves and give you space where you need it, including gores along the breasts, a tapered waistline and a flared out hip area.

You can absolutely wear each part of this gambeson separately, as they are great pieces, but the real magic happens when you wear them together. The vest fits perfectly over top of the crop-top, as the lacing allows for the top to sit completely flat underneath. The padding in your shoulders is doubled up so that you can wear a breastplate or shoulder armor and get some extra padding where the strap tends to dig in. Because the sleeves and chest are two different pieces, you can swing a sword without affecting the rest of the gambeson too much. This two-piece design has given you tons of added arm mobility and will allow you to move and fight without your gambeson riding up too much (and without the added underarm bulk that excessive underarm gores would).

Like the most of our pieces, this is an ArmStreet exclusive design, meaning you won’t find it anywhere else. We have spent countless hours making sure that this is the perfect piece - we are sword fighters ourselves, so we have put a great deal of love and care into making it perfect! This gambeson is constructed from strong canvas, which has a beautiful texture and is very tough. All of the edges are finished with soft, supple leather, and the lacing up the front is reinforced by embossed leather patches. We have used premium sewing techniques and finishes throughout this gambeson, including welted seams for extra durability and comfort. The unpadded portion of the crop-top is made from natural flax linen, and the batting inside the gambeson is all-natural fibers. Every aspect of this gambeson has been thoughtfully designed, down to the quilting pattern that flatters the female figure and the 4cm of overlap in the middle to ensure you’re protected. You’ll also find arming points on the shoulders so that you can attach your pauldrons and get ready for battle!

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Canvas;
  • 100% flax linen;
  • Thin leather;
  • Embossed leather;
  • Leather thonging;
  • Natural batting.


  • Exclusive ArmStreet design;
  • Two pieces;
  • Embossed leather reinforcement;
  • Does up with ties;
  • Fits the female body;
  • Leather borders;
  • Shoulder arming points.

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