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“Dark Star” Canvas Gambeson Vest

Women’s padding with leather trim


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“Dark Star” Canvas Gambeson Vest

Women’s padding with leather trim

Sometimes, wearing a full gambeson is just too much. It is difficult to find arming garments that are customisable yet still attractive, which is why we offer the vest and sleeves of our two-piece gambeson separately! This vest is a great way to get vital padding on your chest, and leave your arms nice and free to move. It looks fantastic on its own, but is also perfect underneath the armor. A gambeson for women is something that we’ve been working to perfect for many months, so we are excited to finally offer you our brand new Dark Star gambeson! We have completely redone one of our bestselling gambeson designs to suit the female body in a way that is eye catching and functional.

We absolutely love arming garments from the XIV-XV century. They were fitted, perfectly quilted, and were incredibly flattering to those who were wearing them. We took great inspiration from these designs when making this gambeson, and have made it slim fitting, coming down to just below the hips. A high collar means that you can wear a gorget or mail standard without it rubbing against your neck, and lacing points up the front reinforced with leather will keep the gambeson firmly closed. We have also included a bit of overlap in the middle to make sure you don’t end up with any gaps when you move. The gambeson is tapered down to your waist, flaring out below the waist seam in a way that will adequately account for your hips. The whole garment is lightly padded with intentionally beautiful quilting. We have also included leather arming points on the shoulder of the gambeson so that you can lace in your pauldrons or other armor.

We chose canvas for this gambeson because it is robust, textured, and will work very well for fencers. It is a very high quality canvas that will weather well and look even nicer as it ages. We have lined the vest in linen, which will make this vest breathable and comfortable. We finished all of the edges in a stunning thin leather, which adds a very cool aesthetic to the whole vest that will surely attract compliments. All of these textiles are premium, high quality materials, and every single detail has been very well finished to ensure it stands the test of time.

We absolutely love this vest, but think that it is even better when combined with the matching gambeson arms – or mixed with one of our other gambeson arms. It is up to you how you choose to combine and customize your set!

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  • Canvas;
  • Flax linen;
  • Natural batting;
  • Leather;
  • Lacing.


  • Contrasting lining;
  • Embossed leather ties;
  • Lacing;
  • Overlap in the middle;
  • Made for the female figure;
  • Arming points;
  • Can be combined with arms;
  • Historically inspired.

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