Sword-fighting gloves Black Knight

Plastic HEMA clamshell gauntlets

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Sword-fighting gloves "Black Knight"

Plastic HEMA clamshell gauntlets

We only offer a few third-party products on the website, which also means that those we offer are the best on the market. HF armory has done great work creating and improving this design, and we have a deep trust in this product and the experience of hundreds of HEMA fencers, including ourselves. These gauntlets became practically an industrial standard for longsword fencers worldwide and are great for both everyday training and the competitive tournament scene. They also work perfectly for one-handed swords and sabers, provided those have enough space for such hand protection. 

The new generation of Black Knights is made of sturdy and slightly flexible plastic, providing excellent protection and impact shock absorption. These gauntlets were designed and made by experienced competitive fencers and tested in practically every major HEMA location. Due to their durability, long life span, protection, and simplicity, they became standard gear for many clubs.

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  • Two-component heavy-duty plastic;
  • Solid rivets;
  • Inner glove;
  • Elastic cord.


  • Sturdy polypropylene plastic;
  • Inner glove included;
  • Advanced thumb flexibility and protection;
  • Rivets and rubber band joints.

This item is part of the “Modern Swordsmanship” collection

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