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Fantasy “Elven” Gambeson Coat LARP Cosplay

Fantasy “Elven” Gambeson Coat LARP Cosplay

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Gambeson color:

Green flax linen
Black flax linen
Wine red flax linen
Midnight flax linen
Patterned flax linen

Leather bordering:

Milk white leather
Navy blue natural suede
Red natural suede
Burgundy natural suede
Green natural suede


inches cm

Fantasy Gambeson “Elven”

Gambeson coat for LARP and cosplay

One of the delights in working in our industry is that we have a great balance between customers who demand historical accuracy and customers whose weekends revolve around Live Action Role Play (LARP) or COSPLAY events. This gives our designers an opportunity to let their imaginations “run free” in order to create clothing and armour that is as functional as our historic line, but with the magic and whimsy that sets LARP and COSPLAY enthusiasts apart from the mainstream. Our clothiers outdid themselves this time with a look right out of Tolkien novel (or Peter Jackson movie!)

Behold! Our Exclusive Elven Gambeson!

Created from rich, embroidered flax linen to provide the ultimate comfort and protection, this gambeson flows like crystal spring to enchant the viewer as much as the wearer. The extremely elegant tight fit is classic in design, emphasizing the silhouette and imposing frame of the wearer. At home in the Halls of High Elves, where the light color fabric with its floral patterns and fine white leather edgings delight the eye, as well as facing down Orcs on the battlefield where the sturdy construction and quilted padding protects the warrior in the style of a prince or elf from ancient legends.

The gambeson is made of two types of flax linen with the layer of dense batting in between. The Exterior is created from a double-sided brocade canvas fabric with floral pattern of two shades of natural unbleached flax, one the color of wet sand, giving the pattern an embroidered feel and look.

The interior lining of the gambeson is sewn from the highest quality of natural, unbleached, linen that caresses the skin and allows the body to naturally adjust to a variety of temperature ranges (it keeps you warm in the ice and cold of Winter and cool in the heat of Summer!)
We used top quality leather tabs, the same type of leather used for arming point tabs, down the front of the garment and on the sleeves to facilitate lacing the gambeson closed and we provided it with a high, stand-up collar to protect the neck and further emphasize the elegance of the gambeson’s lines and silhouette.

However, don’t be fooled by the beauty of this exceptional garment, we designed this gambeson to be used as under padding for armour or even as stand-alone protection all on its own. Not content with just the outstanding density and the durability of the exterior layer of the fabric, we double layered the linen canvas in key arears of the upper body and arms. The look may be fantasy, but the function is right off the battlefields of Medieval Europe.

“Elven” gambeson features:

  • Reinforced protection in the upper body and arms
  • Leather tab closures down the front of the garment and at the bottom of the sleeves
  • High, stand-up collar
  • Classic style and design to appease the most discriminating warrior

“Elven” gambeson is created from:

  • Natural, Flax Linen Canvas Exterior With Floral Brocade Design
  • Natural, Unbleached Linen Lining
  • Natural, Organic Batting
  • Natural, Durable White Leather

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Deesh Johal:

Can you make this to fit a girl and can it be dry cleaned? :)

ArmStreet team:

This gambeson can be made in standard sizes only. Please email us your measurements - full height, bust, waist, hips circumferences - so we could assist you with choosing the right size, perhaps we can make it to fit you.

As for the care - we recommend only dry cleaning for the padding clothes in order to extend its life to a maximum. Machine washing and drying may crumple the padding.


Hi Love the coat


Curious about the thickness of the Elven Gambeson. As far as gambeson's go, is this considered a thick, thin or medium thickness? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

This gambeson has 1 layer of batting, it's about 1.5 cm (3/5 of an inch) thick. For aggressive full contact fighting, such as buhurts, we recommend using 2-3 layers of batting. Take a look at Long cotton gambeson, its body has 3 layers of batting, and the sleeves have 2 layers of batting each.

Joe Davis:

i'd love to know what these weapons are? they look awesome!

ArmStreet team:

These are fantasy elven spears, they have no historical analogues. Most likely they will be available for order on the website soon.

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