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“Ant” 145 Fencing Backpack System

Swords and gear carrying bags set 58''

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"Ant" Fencing Backpack System

Swords and gear carrying bags set

This bag was born in the fire of the war in Ukraine. It derives from the marksman backpack and inherited all the basic features of the military gear - universal connection system, sturdy Oxford6000 fabric, reliable straps and practicality purposes. It was designed in collaboration with Bureviy, a small Ukrainian company run by two HEMA fencers that were also involved in military gear manufacture.

It is a modular system that consists of 3 separate pieces which can be combined in several different ways.

Multi-purpose "Ant" sword bag: a 140+ cm long carry bag with enough length and volume to carry from your one and only longsword to multiple blades (at least we tried it with 5 including two feders and two sabers with ball guards). Detachable dirt bag included for easy cleaning.

"Ant" 75L roll top bag: a practical and sufficient carry bag that has enough space for all your gear - a mask, a gambeson and pants, one or two sets of gauntlets, and more. Its pockets fit most standard arm and shin guards, and with a roll top you will never have this half-empty sad soft bag - just adjust the top length and have it the way you like.

"Ant" backpack straps system: a system of standard back-pack straps and belts that could be connected to the sword bag separately, to the carry bag, or united with them into one universal carrying system.

So, practically, you have different combinations:

  • Full unit with backpack straps attached to the sword bag and a bag
  • A sword bag and a duffel bag
  • A sword bag with shoulder straps as a backpack and a duffel bag
  • A duffel bag transformed into a backpack and a sword-carrying bag

A little bit of a personal touch - when I drive or walk I normally use it as a backpack+swordbag combo. When I need to ride a bike which doesn't happen often - I use a fully-assembled kit to have all my stuff on my back. When I can leave my stuff in the hall, I just use a sword bag as a backpack and have my swords, shoes, T-shirt, and socks in it.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Oxford6000 fabric;
  • Straps;
  • High quality zippers and fastexes.


  • Sword bag: 147x38 cm at widest (57 ⁷/₈ x 15'');
  • Duffel bag: depending on roll top 50-75l, 35x25x60-80cm (13 ²⁵/₃₂ x 9 ²⁷/₃₂ x 23 ⁵/₈ - 31 ¹/₂).


  • Heavy-duty cordura fabric;
  • Versatile connection system to "stitch" the parts together;
  • Adjustable to your current needs;
  • Anatomical construction of the backpack straps system;
  • Organizer for swords;
  • Mud cover at the bottom of the sword bag;
  • Amazing weight distribution.

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1 Comment

  • Michael 07 of July 2023:

    Just a fresh batch of backpacks...

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4 Feedbacks

  • Boris 16 of January 2024:

    The bags are of super quality and look great. Unfortunately, my fencing equipment only fits into the bags with a precise packing concept, which is too time-consuming for regular training. I now use the sword bag separately and am very satisfied!

  • Leroy  11 of January 2024:

    I wanted this bag the first time I saw it. All of my swords will fit into it along with 2 buckler. They lay in on top of my swords without much distortion of the bag. I never really tried to remove the backpack section until this evening. I doubt it will ever fall off on its own. I highly recommend this to anyone who has swords and wishes to carry more than one sword from event to event or even to a practice session. Thank you ArmStreet for a well made product.

  • Raz Zach 26 of July 2023:

    Best gearbag I've ever had. The flexibility of usage, MOLLE options, etc., have all made it my favorite. I combine them as one bag for larger events where there is less fighting and more walking, and then I split them for day-to-day use, as it's easier to pack them about in two parts.

  • Michael 25 of April 2023:

    I've been testing this for a while. Works great for my longsword and saber gear, I mostly use it as a back-pack and a sword bag separately

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