Paladin pauldrons — how not-etched version looks

March 15, 2014

Comparison of etched and not etched versions of “Paladin” pauldrons

Etched armour at the moment is definitely ArmStreet's card. It looks great and unusual, it provides great feeling of "personal" and "unique" armour to its owner. But many people spend years to assemble full kit of armor and etched armor not always a great option to fit other not etched pieces.

This pauldrons has been made upon request for person who likes our "Paladin" armour kit but wanted something without etching to fit his other pieces.

This is how original etched version looks:

Medieval etched Paladin pauldrons armor

And this is not etched version of the same armour:

Medieval stainless pauldrons Paladin

Taking into account that the price for the second one is approximately 25-30% less then for the etched piece ordering our etched armour in not-etched version make sense especially if you need it to fit other pieces.

So please do not hesitate to ask if you want something without ethcing when ording our medieval armor – in most cases it's possible and will save you some money as well :-)