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Princess Medieval Circlet

Size-adjustable melchior circlet crown

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Princess Melсhior Circlet 

Size-adjustable Medieval Crown

She walks through the forest alone, daylight failing as she goes deeper into the grove.. Thorny branches reach out like the spindly hands of old trees, grasping for her as the last flashes of light fade away and the sun sinks below the treeline.t. What awaits her the moment the last glint of sun reflects off of her elegant silver circlet? She is called a Lost Princess, but she is destined to be found.  

We are very careful about all the little details here in ArmStreet, and this medieval circlet from our Eternal Princess collection is not just an accessory - it is a part of the story. 

The filigree work of art is shown here, the original pattern design matches the trim on the garments from this collection. Melchior is a weighty, rich metal with a lustrous finish, and gives the crown a distinct noble look.

This elegant medieval circlet is actually a twin of our Brass Circlet Lost Princess, but you can see how melchior adds some new subtle notes to it. The circlet is made of 2mm thick alloy of melchior, and it holds polishing better than brass. The lazer cut-through technology is used here as well. The crown is one-size but adjustable, it can easily be made smaller or larger as melchior is soft enough to be bent if needed.

Every Princess needs a crown, why not to choose this shining piece of beauty and art? It will definitely be a great complement to any of your Princess outfits.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Melchior (2mm).


  • Cut-through filigree ornament;
  • Exclusive design;
  • Size-adjustable.

This item is part of the “Eternal Princess” collection

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  • Linda Strand 27 of July 2016:

    Do you wholesale your items?

    ArmStreet team:

    Yes, we're interested in wholesalers and vendors, please contact us at

  • Ingrid 22 of June 2016:

    Which cloak is this model wearing? Thanks!

    ArmStreet team:

    It's our new “Found Princess” velvet cloak, it hasn't been listed yet. Hope it will be available on the site in a week or so, stay tuned!

  • Lacey 18 of May 2016:

    I have a nickel allergy to the brass and melchior materials. Can I get a crown made from titanium or a palladium alloy?

    ArmStreet team:

    We're really sorry but currently there is no technical ability to make this crown of titanium or palladium alloy, only melchior and brass are the options.

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