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“Water Flowers” Narrow Bracelet

Enamelled medieval bangle

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“Water Flowers” Narrow Bracelet

Enamelled medieval bangle

This bracelet is a part of our extensive “Water Flowers” collection, which includes soft, flowing dresses and a range of matching brass enamel jewelry. The trim found on the dresses is echoed throughout the rest of the jewelry collection, creating a perfect match if worn together. Even without the matching dress, this bracelet stands alone as a beautiful piece of art that will look fantastic with your medieval outfit, or even your modern clothing!

This shiny brass bracelet features a laser-cut design of twisting elvish knotwork and flowers, some of which have been filled in with enamel. It is cut from 2mm brass, is 2cm wide and is 16cm long. Our bracelet is not a closed bangle, which means there is room for adjustment and is easy to put on and take off. Though the bracelet is very strong, we still recommend being very careful and gentle when adjusting.

The whole “Water Flowers” range of jewelry has been designed by our artist and researcher, who was inspired after countless hours of looking at elven costuming as well as shapes and motifs found in Art Nouveau. This is an exclusive design that you won’t find anywhere other than ArmStreet.

Enamel is a painstaking process, involving individually mixing colors and hand applying it to make sure it dries perfectly. All of this is done by our master jeweler, who has years of experience perfecting his craft! He also oversees the hand finishing of the bracelet, making sure the edges are nicely finished and the whole thing looks beautiful. Overall, this makes for a very classy bracelet that has a tasteful pop of color for contrast.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 2mm laser cut brass;
  • Enamel.


  • Length: 16cm (6 ¹⁹/₆₄'');
  • Width: 2cm (²⁵/₃₂'').


  • Laser-cut design;
  • Enamel accents;
  • Easily adjustable;
  • Looks great with both medieval and modern outfits;
  • Well finished.

This item is part of the “Water Flowers” collection

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1 feedback

  • Leanne 23 of April 2021:

    Very beautifully crafted design medieval bracelet perfect fit I wear it every day Thankyou considering I refused to wear any other bracelets in exsistince only ArmStreet

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