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White Medieval Wedding Dress “Isolde”

White Medieval Wedding Dress “Isolde”
Not available

Dress color:

White cotton

Embroidery color:



inches cm

For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:

White Wedding Medieval Dress “Isolde”

Exclusive medieval dress with silver rope embroidery

Design of this white wedding dress is completely original. Dress is made of great quality German thin natural cotton and chiffon.

Embroidery is made in Celtic style with silver rope. You can choose golden color rope in the order form as well. Embroidery is decorated with Czech glass and beads.

Lacing at sides and back allows to adjust size for your figure very preciously.


  • Thin cotton
  • Chiffon
  • Venetian pearls
  • Czech glass crystals
  • Beads

Dress features:

  • Exclusive design
  • Side and back lacing
  • Silver rope embroidery
  • Long sleeves (can be made with scallops or optionally without them)

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



Hello seller, I am interested in ur item, Do u still have it available for sale?

ArmStreet team:

This dress is available for order. Please note, that we don't have it in stock, it's custom-sized - made to order only.
You're welcome to order!


Does this dress require a chemise/underwear under it? I noticed a lot of the dresses have an option to wear one.

ArmStreet team:

This dress should be worn without a chemise, it has semi-transparent inserts on the sides under the lacing.


I want to order my dress for my wedding in July, but I still want to lose some wight before I order it, will it still be available in a few months?

ArmStreet team:

This dress should be available in July, it's never out of stock.


Can you have a blue trim belt on this dress?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, we can make it with “White Swan” blue trim, “Lady of the Lake” gold-blue trim or “Knyazhna Helga” blue-red trim - simply add a comment to your order.


This dress is absolutely beautiful


How flowey is the skirt?

ArmStreet team:

The skirt is made of natural cotton, it's not stretchy. There should be no problem with fitting, as it's made to order according to your measurements, and has lacing at sides and back, which allows to adjust size for your figure very preciously.


Hope you keep this dress up for a long while..I'm 19 and single, although if I do find the one I'm buying and wearing this dress as my wedding dress. :)


does it come with the crown and necklace?

ArmStreet team:

Crown and necklace are not included.


is it possible to make the Gold Embroidery: belt for the CHESS QUEEN DRESS with gold trim?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, simply add a comment to your order.


Oh... my... GOD. This dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I can't even begin to describe how much I love it. A couple weeks ago I was looking at Celtic inspired wedding dresses out of boredom and found a picture of this dress. I looked but couldn't find where it came from, and thus assumed it was something that someone made for them self. Then tonight, without even trying I found this website and just about fell over. I am absolutely thrilled that this dress is something that can be purchased. And I just hope that it sticks around for some time because if I ever get married THIS is the dress I want to wear. There is no question.

Lydia Klein:

Hi!, We are getting married on an Island Windjammer Ship. I think I will be purchasing the "Isolde" wedding dress. My question is what mens attire would go with this dress, I found the Chavelier outfit w/ pirate boots would that work. And where would we find a cheap sword? Thanks much Lydia

ArmStreet team:

The "Chevalier" set or Eastern Europe men's set should fit just well! We recommend to complement them with pants. The sword can be chosen here.


I love this - guess I just found my wedding-dress... Now I only need something matching for my future husband :-)


I just found this fabulous. I am reading Pillars of the Earth....A MUST READ FOR love of the Medieval era.


Oh my God! It is so beautiful! Unbelievable! Is time that I save my money...

ArmStreet team:



Is the beautiful tiara included?

ArmStreet team:

The crown is not included.


i would just like to ask if the crown is somehow available. tnx tellie

ArmStreet team:

This crown is not available, sorry.


is it possible to make this dress with different coloured embroidery? Im looking for something in white with royal blue detail

ArmStreet team:

Please email us at to discuss this question. Guess that's possible.
We ship to Spain, we do ship worldride.


would it be possible to make the sleeves straight, without those semicircles? do you ship to spain? precious dress!!

ArmStreet team:

Optionally can be made without scallops on the sleeves, simply add a comment to your order.


This is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen.


Do i need a skirt slip for this dress? It kinda looks see through at the waist. It is something I want to consider for my wedding. Thank u for making such beautiful dresses we love them!

ArmStreet team:

The skirt slip is not needed, the dress is nontransparent; it has only two small insets of sheer fabric at the sides under the lacing.

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