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“Queen of Shamakhan” Skirt

Unique Woolen Skirt

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“Queen of Shamakhan” Skirt

Unique Woolen Skirt

If you’re looking to make a statement either in your medieval or modern life, this is the skirt for you. Inspired by historical design sensibilities, we have taken it a little bit high-fashion and developed a new garment completely from our imaginations, not available anywhere else. Our years of historical design have taught us a lot of things about modern fashion as well, and we were excited to apply all of this to a garment that could exist in either time! Stylistically, this skirt was inspired by the spirit of the 19th to early 20th-century fashion.

The top of the garment is not high waisted, nor does it sit down on your hips, it is in between. It comes in at the waist and tapers out over your curves like a flattering pencil skirt. Even though it appears fitted, it doesn’t actually hinder movement and is very comfortable. The main part of the skirt goes down to just below your knees, sloping up at the sides in a neat, artistic way. From the bottom, an additional panel of the skirt - made from a thinner, Plisse style fabric - flares out to the ground, swishing stunningly as you walk.

For the main body of the skirt, we have used our usual coat wool, so it has a little bit of structure, is nice and warm, but still drapes beautifully and sits nicely. The pleated fabric at the bottom is still wool, but a thinner, suiting style fabric that isn’t 100% opaque and flows much more than our thicker wool. This panel of the skirt contrasts with the matte, fitted wool of the upper half, creating something entirely different.

For the best fit, there is a yoke at the inside of the top of the skirt, and it is lined in a luxurious satin which feels nice against your skin. The satin lining connects to the plisse wool at the bottom of the skirt, and every aspect of this garment is well finished with expert tailoring techniques. A number of very close together buttons at the side are both decorative and functional and can be used to open and close the skirt. There is also a beautiful little design at the front of the skirt, which adds a touch of class.

Please note that this is a dry-clean-only item, and needs to be treated with care.

Ensure you have measured yourself correctly, and decide how long you would like the hem to be. The proportion of the top section to bottom is 3/4 to 1/4, and if the hem is shortened, we will keep this proportion to ensure the skirt retains its elegant appeal.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Wool;
  • Thin suiting wool;
  • Polyester satin.


  • Fantasy design;
  • Can be modern or medieval;
  • Decorative accents;
  • Warm wool;
  • Flattering shape.

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1 feedback

  • Meg 16 of March 2021:

    Ordered this in late January and just got it today. Holy moly is it a beautiful skirt. The wool is heavy, warm, and soft, and the silken type lining makes it very elegant. Looking forward to wearing it this winter and to work after quarantine ends. My legs are nice and cozy.

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