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“Armor Bearer” Woolen Costume

“Armor Bearer” Woolen Costume

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“Armor Bearer” Woolen Costume

Medieval woolen jacket cotta and hood

This apparel is typical for the first half of the XVth century when “Burgundian fashion” and its aesthetics were in the ascendant in Europe.
Man's suit served to emphasize both masculinity and elegance of its owner. Do so the set of the shoulders and chest were artificially expanded, the waist was tightly belted and the legs were accented with tight hose (chausses). The overall impression was complemented with the narrow long pointed shoes. We created our version of the man's costume of the period for the noble knight's squire.

The jacket is made of natural wool. The stand-up collar, buttons fastener with loop buttonholes. This jacket can be worn even in winter — triple pleated woolen cloth at the chest and at the back is thicken with thin layer of insulant to keep the authentic look. In the XVth century torso part of such gowns was thicken with the batting padding or with several layers of flax linen but that made them even more heavy and poorly adapted for use. The pleats on the front and back parts of the jacket are settled at the waist and further spread out mildly like a fan. The basque of the jacket is very wide — almost three meters (10 feet) round.

The sleeve is tightly gathered in the line of the arm-hole and is made narrower at the wrist level that forms relevant for the period “leg of lamb” shape. The lower part of the sleeve (forearm) is also fastened with the tiny buttons to achieve the ideal seating on the arm. Elegant round shape of the sleeve cap is also emphasized by the reenforced stitched element sewn between the padding and external layer of fabric to support “bishop sleeve” shape.

The hood is made of dense woolen cloth without lining. Square hood has long tail that can be used as a scarf whenever necessary. Wide wrap completely covers shoulders and is fastened with the tiny buttons just as the jacket. The bottom of the wrap is shaped as nice scallops inspired by the late Gothic fashion.

Both jacket and hood can be purchased separately and used in combination with other pieces.


  • 100% natural wool
  • Insulant
  • Buttons

Costume features:

  • Late Gothic design
  • Long tailed hood
  • Pelerine with scallops
  • Stand-up collar
  • Bishop sleeve
  • Wide basque

Please note that dark blue wool has a very dark shade, that may appear black under electric light indoors.

Matching chausses are not included, but available in the store.

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


Randy J.:

Concerning the "Armor Bearer" Cotta Jacket, is it possible for the "skirt", or the part that hangs below the waist, to be made a little longer? Perhaps to just above the knee to mimic the style of the 14th century more than the 15th? And if so, what would be the approximate additional cost? Either way, this thing is simply gorgeous!

ArmStreet team:

Yes, we can make the "Armor Bearer" Cotta Jacket longer for $40.00 extra. If this works for you, please let us know the exact overall length from the shoulder seam to the bottom edge you would like to get.

The outfit is not that great, the model on the other hand... My Lord. Medieval Cuteness at its best.
ArmStreet team:

Thank you! We'll definitely send him your compliments!

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