Lady Dress Tunic with Overcoat

Medieval long lady flax linen costume

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It was upon a Lammas night,
When corn rigs are bonie,
Beneath the moon's unclouded light,
I held awa to Annie;
(The Rigs O' Barley by Robert Burns)

Medieval Long Tunic with Overcoat

Women's set with trimmed belt

This is an elegant flax linen tunic. Actually, this garb rings a bell for late medieval tunic or early medieval dress, though it certainly has fantastic origin. It's made of 100% natural flax linen with black linen accents and with beautiful trim and elegant buttons on the sleeves. Overtunic is made of 100% natural flax linen as well.

Long trimmed belt is included. The belt is 8' 2" (2,5 m) long by default, please contact us if you need longer belt.

This attire is the great opportunity to create bright character at any medieval or fantasy event and beautiful dress as well.

Here are the available combinations of flax and trim for the undertunic:

Available flax and trim combinations

Optionally you can order the conjoining men's garb with overcoat.

You can choose the color of the undertunic in the order form. By default the overtunic has natural flax linen color though if you would like to have this component in other colour please contact our manager to clarify that option in the private capacity.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural flax linen
  • Narrow ethnic trim

Costume features:

  • Excusive layered design
  • Long trimmed belt
  • Black linen accents
  • Buttoned cuffs

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  • Vitna 18 of November 2016:

    I bought one of these dresses used from another person, three years later and it's still holding up very well. The only thing that happened to it was the seam in the front came apart, but it was an easy fix. Great dress!

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Thank you for your feedback! :) Enjoy your dress and always welcome to ArmStreet!

  • Bianca 10 of August 2016:

    Hello dear armstreet-team, I would like to know if the medevial long tunic of this costume is the same in pattern as the undertunic of the "townswoman" dress. Would you mind giving me specifics on the maybe given differences of the patterns? As much as I can see, they look pretty much alike... which would be great, considering possible combinations of both costumes. ;) Thanks for answering! Best regards, Bianca

    ArmStreet team answered :

    The tunic have the same pattern. The difference is only in the decoration.

  • April Casler 19 of May 2015:

    I would like to order just the overcoat and belt from the Medieval Long Tunic with Overcoat set. Can you tell me how much that would be, and how to place the order?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Overcoat with belt cost $104 + $24 (shipping). Please email your order and measurements at

  • Luda Begley 30 of April 2015:

    Good day! Just a quick question. Would it be possible to make this set (both tunic and overcoat) with the Water Dragon trim from the Viking collection, as well as making the overcoat's neckline the same as the tunic's? What would the price be with the above-mentioned alterations in place? Thank you in advance. Have a lovely day!

    ArmStreet team answered 03 of May 2015:

    Optionally this set can be made with the Vikings trim for $55 extra. Wide trim w/ dragons can be placed along the hem (both on tunic and overcoat) and on the sleeves of the overcoat; narrow trim - on the neckline (both on tunic and overcoat), cuffs and belt.

  • Rose 10 of February 2015:

    I am interested in ordering the long lady tunic in green flax, but it seems that color is currently unavailable. Any word as to if/when it will be available again? I'm hoping to get it in time for a wedding in late April. Thanks. (BTW, all of your products are incredibly beautiful!)

    ArmStreet team answered 11 of February 2015:

    Thanks for your kind words! Green flax should be available again within two weeks.

  • Stephanie Hodge 01 of November 2014:

    Medieval Long Lady Dress Tunic With Overcoat Is it possible to have the over tunic in red with the same neck line as the main dress? Can the main dress be natural linen without the black accents (Just natural linen with the red trim)?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Yes, both modifications are possible, simply add a comment to your order.

  • Stacy 23 of August 2014:

    I want to know if the tunic is really available in midnight blue, because when it's purchased alone, this color is not available. Thanks.

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Optionally the tunic can be made in midnight blue color, just add a comment to your order.

  • Suzanne Burkle 21 of July 2014:

    Is it possible just to order the overcoat, with longer belt?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Yes, please contact us at and specify the exact length of the belt.

  • sierra 06 of June 2014:

    Is it possible to get this without the trim?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Sure, please simply leave us a note in the comments to your order.

  • Corey 28 of July 2013:

    Hey there! How much would it be for the overcoat alone? Also can it be made from cotton at all?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Yep, the overcoat separately costs $85 + $24 (shipping).
    Full set and its parts can be made of cotton, price will be the same as listed.

  • Patty Bock 02 of July 2013:

    Hei there @Armstreet!!!! Thank you sooooooo much for this wonderful made costume which i got today in my mail!!!!! I am so happy about, i feel so good in it!!! Everything is done PERFECTLY!!!! This was not the only item i ordered, i had 2 pair of shoes, which were and are INCREDIBLE FANTASTIC and very COMFORTABLE!!!!!! And i ordered a Tunic + stripe Trousers for my man, he is so happy with his clothes, i can only repeat myself and say again: YOU ROCK!!! YOU DO GREAT JOB !!!!!!! Thank you again, we will have fun on our upcoming medieval party here in Norway!!!! and i will order again....and again....and again!!!

    ArmStreet team answered :

    WOW! Thank you, Patty! We are very glad to get such sincere reviews!

  • Sandra 22 of May 2013:

    Hello! Is it possible to choose the overcoat color?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Yes, please add a comment to your order.

  • Susane Lackovic 13 of September 2012:

    I wanted to take a moment and thank the team that made my Medieval Long Lady Dress Tunic With Overcoat garment (brown). I have never had such a quality piece made to fit me perfectly. I am in awe of how well this garment was made, and that overall look. Thank you for taking pride in what you do, and make sure to give your sewing team a raise:) Blessings to you all.

    ArmStreet team  answered 18 of September 2012:

    Thanks for your detailed feedback! Always welcome to ArmStreet!

  • Kaza 26 of November 2011:

    Is there any way to get this dress made in black and grey?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    We don't have any grey flax linen in stock, sorry.

  • Erin 23 of August 2010:

    Hi, are your prices in American dollars?

    ArmStreet team answered 24 of August 2010:

    Yes, all our prices are in US dollars.

  • mesnil nathalie 09 of July 2010:

    good morning, i would like to if is it possible to discrease the worlwide shipping costs when we buy severals clothes ? best regards Nathalie MESNIL

    ArmStreet team answered 09 of July 2010:

    No problems, we provide combined delivery. Delivery of each subsequent item in your cart costs less. To estimate the postage, simply add your items to cart, and shipping charges will be combined automatically.

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