“Key Keeper” Woolen Hood

Limited Edition XVI Century Hood


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“Key Keeper” Woolen Hood

Limited Edition XVI Century Hood

This little hood is made to go with the dresses and accessories from our “Key Keeper” set, but it has been made in a way that it will match lots of other dresses and collections as well. This hood is perfect for any costume that requires a little bit of extra warmth, or for anyone who craves a versatile piece to complete their look.

This hood is heavily inspired by the XVI century “London” style hoods, which were very popular later in the century. Hoods were very early versions of what would eventually become a “hoodie” and existed in a time when tunic did not have hoods, so they were worn as a separate garment. Hoods are great items to add when you feel like your costume is missing something, but you’re not quite sure what.

When closed, this hood sits across your shoulders and drapes down to your chest. It has buttons up the front and cotton cord sewn into the lining of the hood to work as pretty little button loops. The hood itself is quite deep, which gives you lots of room to flip it back and reveal the contrasting lining. At the back of the hood is a very long tail or “liripipe”, which can be tucked into your belt or left to dangle.

The outside of the hood is made from limited woolen cloth, which is nice and soft without being too itchy. Wool is water repellent in nature which makes it decent protection from the elements. The insides around the bottom hem of the hood as well as around the face are lined with contrasting wool to give it a two-toned appearance, with flax linen used around your head to give some breathability.

Overall, this is a masterfully created piece that has been made from a limited run of a special wool, just in time for the colder months. Our Key Keeper hood is very well constructed as neatly sewn to hide any exposed stitching. Beautiful little copper buttons go up the middle of it for closure, which gives it a very decorative look while still being functional. We love this little hood and know that it is the perfect addition to any costume!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Woolen cloth of limited run;
  • Flax linen;
  • Cotton cord;
  • Copper buttons.


  • Limited run of woolen fabric;
  • Decorative but functional buttons;
  • Cotton loop buttonholes;
  • Long liripipe;
  • A deep hood that can be flipped back.

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