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“Ingrid” Apron Limited Edition

Unique linen Viking dress

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Limited Edition “Ingrid the Hearthkeeper” Apron

Unique linen Viking dress

Aprons are a well-known part of historical Viking clothing. They are different to the modern term, and describe an overdress that usually just covers the bust. Historically, they were either pinned on with brooches or had thin straps. The pattern for this beautiful dress is based on Hedeby harbour designs reconstruction and illustrations by Shelagh Lewins. From there we have made some changes to make it a little bit more flattering to the modern figure – which we feel has made it one of the most beautiful apron dresses around!

This dress is secured with thin straps that tie a knot in a loop at the front, which can be easily covered by a turtle brooch if you don’t want the knots being visible. This method of attaching the dress makes it very adjustable and easy to fit. To add to this, the dress has lacing at the back, which will help you keep it snug across your bust and waist. From the waist it flares out with a decent amount of volume, giving it a beautiful drape down to about mid-calf length.

One of the most stunning aspects of this dress is the trim – people are often asking us where to purchase it! This is an ArmStreet exclusive trim, created by our talented designers after extensive research into Viking knotwork patterns. This trim can be found along the bust, as well as at the bottom of the dress. It is punctuated by natural jute cord, which adds a contrasting color and another natural texture. The edges of the hems are completed with contrasting linen, which ties the dress to the trim and gives it a lovely, cohesive look.

The especially interesting part about this specific dress, and that we have used a limited edition jacquard weave linen, which we only have in a limited quantity. That means, if you buy this dress, there will be very few other people with the same item. It will come with a rune embroidered on it to identify which number out of the limited run was yours. We expect between 7-9 garments will be in this limited edition collection, but it depends on the size of the dresses ordered, as some sizes require more fabric and may decrease the total amount available.

Please note, that fibulas are not included.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% jacquard weave linen;
  • Trim;
  • Jute cord.


  • Limited edition – a limited amount available;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Shoulder straps for size adjustment;
  • Back lacing;
  • Flattering silhouette;
  • Exclusive trim.

This item is part of the “Shieldmaiden ” collection

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