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“Elements” Cape - Feminine

Limited Edition Apocalypse Gear

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“Elements” Cape - Feminine

Limited Edition Apocalypse Gear

The last few weeks at ArmStreet have been little bit different: instead of designing beautiful new medieval dresses and armor, we’ve been rapidly prototyping designs that will support medical staff. Our design process has been accelerated for the sake of necessity, and we have been working around the clock to design face-shields and other protective gear to donate to our local hospitals. It’s strange to think about - after years of designing protective equipment and helmets to keep people safe in medieval battles, we’re now producing items for a very different kind of war.

Despite this, we can’t forget about our customers! Our “Elements” Cape is a way of offering you something relatively cheap, stylish, and protective for you to wear in these trying times. We imagine it as something you can throw on over your clothes when you’re doing essential supply runs and put directly into the laundry when you get home. It’s probably one of the most affordable items we’ve ever made, and it is the fastest item to go from design to production in the history of our company. Once we make it through this pandemic, it is still stylish enough to be a great raincoat for medieval events (I’m looking at you, Pennsic), or just something cool to wear over your modern fashion. We also think of it as a piece of memorabilia - it’s incredibly unlikely that we’ll ever manufacture anything quite like this ever again!

It is made from a modern, water-resistant synthetic fabric. Our cape is a loose-fitting, enclosed rectangular garment. It drapes over the shoulders and doesn’t have sleeves - instead, you’ll find slits for your hands with cuffs and velcro on the end to help you get a good fit. This design opens at the neck via velcro to let your head through, and should be put on like a sweater - it contains no zipper or buttons at the front. The velcro at the neck has two options: loose and tight-fitting. There’s a wide, voluminous pocket at the front that closes with a flap and velcro.

This version of our “Elements” Cape has been influenced by some of the feminine medieval clothing we’ve produced in the past. If you’re looking for something more masculine, we have another version available. The feminine version has a hood that is reminiscent of our “Autumn Princess” Chaperon design, which fastens up the middle with velcro. There is a drawstring to keep the hood securely on your head, and the front of the hood can either be left forward to give more protection or turned back for more visibility. The cuffs of the garment are 5cm (1 ³¹/₃₂'') wide.

At ArmStreet, we are familiar with the struggle of current events - as a company, we’ve already lived through a major recession as well as a war, both of these having a great effect on our manufacturing and how we do business. Through the pandemic, we intend to continue working, helping those around us, and giving back to our customers and communities in any way we can. Because of this, we’ve worked to make this item as cheap and as functional as we can. Purchasing this cape will help keep you safe, give us more resources to help our local medical facilities, and also play a part in keeping us in business and giving our staff projects to work on. We’re determined to keep everyone on our team safe and employed, and to continue to support their families as much as possible.

Apocolypse cape creation timeline

We hope that everyone out there keeps fighting the good fight, staying healthy and taking care of each other. And truly - thank you to essential workers and medical staff for keeping our world running and our families safe. You are the true heroes in this situation and don’t forget that.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Water resistant polyester;
  • Velcro.


  • Length: 123cm (48 ²⁷/₆₄'');
  • Width at the hem: 150cm (59 ¹/₁₆'').


  • Water-resistant raincoat fabric;
  • Stand up collar;
  • Attachable hood;
  • Functional front pocket;
  • Adjustable velcro cuffs.

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  • Hayley 26 of April 2020:

    Does this come with the mask?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Hayley, unfortunately mask is not included and we do not sell it separately. 

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4 Feedbacks

  • Guest 15 of March 2023:

    Love this jacket. It has attitude and style. You have to undue everything to get your head in, unless you have a tiny head. It can be a bit claustrophobic. Then you have to figure out how to re-attach all the velcro closures. There are many. It is a little cumbersome getting all the bits connected correctly. When you do get it all connected again, it is secure. I can't wait to be out in the rain with it. I am still waiting for the opportunity to buy the mens' version. Its been out of stock "forever." I think my head might fit better.

  • Betsy 16 of August 2022:

    I can report that this cape will keep you dry head to toe during a little rain at home or two days of a deluge at Bicolline. Sadly it does not keep your tent dry, but you and anything you are wearing will be protected from the elements and stylish too! Somehow it still breathes, so I stayed dry and comfortable - never too hot which can be a problem with rain gear. It is some magic fabric, with the excellent construction we rely on from ArmStreet. My only comment would be that the poncho styling is very practical for the rain, but a little tricky for lifting your glass of mead to help weather the storm. This is without question the best rain gear I've ever owned, practical for daily use as well as LARPing. Thank you ArmStreet!

  • Louise 30 of June 2020:

    I was so excited to receive my capes! (I bought one for my son too). The craftsmanship is as awesome as all of our other pieces we had purchased from you. They are so stylish while being really practical. I love how you thought to seal the collar area around the neck, as I hate how rain can drip down my back with some other types of rain coats! They are a great length too. Bring on the deluge! Thank you Armstreet!

  • Guest 20 of June 2020:

    Just got mine today. Great Poncho! Stylish and great quality. I believe this will certainly hold up over time. Looking forward to going out in the rain with this.

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