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Kirtle Corset Dress Traditional Central Europe XVI Сentury Garb

Kirtle Corset Dress Traditional Central Europe XVI Сentury Garb
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Kirtle color:

Green flax linen
Blue flax linen
Yellow flax linen
Black flax linen
Natural flax linen
Brown flax linen
White flax linen
Wine red flax linen
Orange flax linen
Red burgundy flax linen
Midnight flax linen
Violet flax linen


inches cm

Medieval Kirtle Dress

Traditional XVI dress with corset bodice

We've added touch of elegance to the classic kirtle dress. This is a late version of the kirtle with severing wide cross-cut skirt that provides beautiful bell-shaped silhouette and suits any type of women stature. Dress also has corset bodice that shapes dainty waistline and high bust. The low square neckline emphasizes wearer's charms.

In our version fastener is relocated to the back to avoid its occurrence through the fabric of the surcoat but at the same time allowing draw tight the waistline (which is impossible with the help of double side lacing).

We also made a bit more delicate sleeves comparing to the original dress at the painting. And finished them with the decorative yet functional fastening with the help of tiny metal buttons. The contrast fabric of the chemise seen in splits between the buttons provides dress with more detailed and festive look. Balloon sleeve top is attached to the arm-hole with three laces which allow adjustment of the level of sleeve top fixation.

This dress is a part of our Traditional Central Europe Costume.


  • 100% natural flax linen
  • Plastic corset bones
  • Brass buttons

Kirtle features:

  • Low square neckline
  • Corset bodice
  • Back lacing
  • Detachable sleeves with buttons
  • Wide skirt

Please note, that matching chemise is not included, but available in the store.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


Suzanne Shelp:

Hello, I was planning on ordering the size 8 stock dress in the Kirtle dress and was curious about the length of the bodice from shoulder to waist and/or top of the back to the waist. Thanks

ArmStreet team:

The length from shoulder to waist for size 8 is:
- Front length ~19 in (47.5-48 cm);
- Back length ~ 16.5 in (42 cm).


Could a farthimgale be worn with this dress?

ArmStreet team:

The dress is not intended to be worn with a farthingale. The dress was inspired by a painting by Anton Woensam von Worms and is related to 16 century while farthingales became popular later.
Still, you are always welcome to experiment, it is not impossible that you will find your own excellent look. :)

Katherine Cameron:

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL dress, and it fits like a dream! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

ArmStreet team:

Thanks a bunch for your feedback! We'll share it with our seamstresses and the designer, they will be happy to know that you appreciate their work!

Anna Haas:

Received this dress a few weeks ago and it was perfect! This is my third purchase from you and no disappointments yet. Thanks Armstreet team for making such quality clothing.

ArmStreet team:

Thank you a bunch for such a great feedback, Anna! It would be great if you could share some photos :)


I am wondering if this dress can be made with steel bones instead of plastic?

ArmStreet team:

We don't yet produce corsets with the steel bones, sorry.


Hello! What a gorgeous dress! Which fixed size would you suggest for a 89-90cm chest and a 80cm waist? Will size 4 be too wide around the chest or could be snugged with the lacing at the back? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

Thank you! Size 4 dress can be tightened with the lacing at the chest. To get the best fit, we recommend ordering this dress in custom size, it will be made in accordance to your measurements.


Hi Armstreet, Is it possible to wear this corset dress under your "lady of the lake" gown or would the shoulder straps peep out at the neck line?

ArmStreet team:

This dress is not intended to be worn under the "Lady of the Lake" dress, it can be worn under the Medieval Short-sleeved Dress XVI Century only.

Stefanie Cunningham:

Would I be able to tighten the corset bodice lacing myself when I put the dress on, or would I need a friend's help? Thank you

ArmStreet team:

To tighten the corset mightily you may need outside help.


hello i have this in black and will be getting this in midnight blue flax.. stunning i like to know the lost princess gloves in blue will that go with it as well?

ArmStreet team:

Of course the dress may be supplemented by the “Lost Princess” mitts, but please note that the hand warmers are made in more simple, ethnic style.


Is it possible to make this dress in green cotton? Will it look good? Thank you, Ana

ArmStreet team:

Can be made of cotton, simply add a note to your order.


I plan to wear a corset under this dress. Should I take measurements with the corset on?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, please take measurements over your underwear that you're going to wear with this dress.


hello also just recieved this dress in black. again love it and fits perfect thankyou

ArmStreet team:

Thank you, indeed this dress looks great in black!

Hi, just wondering if the white under garment pictured is included in the price of the dress :)
ArmStreet team:

Chemise is not included, but you can buy it separately here.


Sylvia Stokes:

I have this dress worn during medieval medieval festival, many found me beautiful in this dress.

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