“Key Keeper” Full Set

Linen dress, sleeves and chemise


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“Key Keeper” Full Set

Linen dress, sleeves and chemise

A Keeper of the Keys is one of the most important people in the castle. Not only do they lend an open ear to all and safeguard secrets… they know exactly what’s behind every door, and what whispers dance down every hallway.

Our Key Keeper collection is roughly inspired by the medieval period, with items that borrow silhouettes from the XIII-XV centuries. We really focussed on making a set of items that is beautiful but practical, perfect for a busy person who wants to look fantastic but also still needs to get things done!

The trim for this collection is custom-designed by our artists using medieval geometric shapes such as diamonds and stars. This means that you won’t be able to find this trim anywhere else and that it is truly ArmStreet exclusive! This full set includes three pieces: a short-sleeved linen dress, detachable linen sleeves, and a chemise (underdress) made from fine linen.


The dress for this collection is one of our most popular patterns and is inspired by garments found from the XIII-XV centuries. A slim-fitting bodice with central lacing gives way to an incredibly full skirt, which has been enhanced by four additional gores of fabric. When you spin or walk, you’ll be amazed at how this dress moves with you! The lacing for this dress is slightly different from other similar dresses: instead of putting in metal lacing hooks, we choose to create our own lacing system using a strong cord to create loops that better suit the style of the dress. It makes for a very classy, minimal look at the front of the dress.

The most magnificent aspect of this dress is how we’ve attached the trim! The custom-designed “Key Keeper” trim is contrasted with linen bias tape to really make it stand out against the dress. In the middle of the dress as well as the sleeves, a 7mm bias binding is used with the trim. Last but not least, the bottom hem of the dress is even more embellished with 4-5cm of linen followed by a single, beautiful strip of trim to finish off the dress.


The sleeves for this collection are very similar to arm warmers and are made from 100% flax linen. They include lacing to make them adjustable, and instead of attaching to the dress they simply sit snugly on your arms. Flared at the bottom and going from your wrist up to your elbow and are constructed from two different colors of linen, with a strip of fantastic trim along the border.


A chemise is a vital part of any costume, as it helps absorb sweat and keep your outer clothes clean! This underdress is made from fine flax linen, which is the same fabric we use for all of our most popular underclothes. It is a bit thinner and more tightly woven than the linen we use for the dress, which makes for a great base layer. It is bell-shaped and quite voluminous, with pleats and gathering throughout to make sure it flows nicely. The sleeves are wide with a drawstring to gather them at the wrist, and the chemise itself is quite long.

All of the base materials used for each piece are premium quality, 100% linen. You can rest easy knowing that this fabric is lush, breathable, and hard-wearing and that it will weather nicely and continue to build character and softness with age. Each item is carefully made by our expert seamstresses who have a great eye for detail; you’ll be delighted to explore your beautiful new “Key Keeper” set and find all of the neat finishing tailoring tricks!

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Important note: The dress cannot be made in custom size for the chest circumference bigger than 49 inches (124 cm).


  • 100% flax linen;
  • Lacing;
  • Trim.


  • ArmStreet exclusive trim;
  • Breathable flax linen;
  • Center lacing on the dress;
  • Voluminous dress skirt;
  • Detachable arm warmer sleeves;
  • Lacing for size adjustment;
  • Contrasting accents.

What's included:

  • Dress;
  • Sleeves;
  • Linen chemise.

This item is part of the “Stories of the Castle” collection

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