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“First Adventure” Kids Undertunic

Linen t-shaped short tunic for children

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“First Adventure” Children’s Undertunic

Linen t-tunic for kids

We are excited to finally launch our first collection of clothing for children! Just as durable and stylish as our adult collection and made from the same quality fabrics, your most cherished family members can now join you on all of your adventures wearing ArmStreet! With a focus on getting the right fit, all of our clothing has been designed specifically to fit kids and isn't just shrunk-down versions of our adult clothing. We understand the specific requirements of children and how we need to change our designs to suit their busy little lives because most of us are parents ourselves, and we love bringing our kids along to medieval events with us!

This tunic is inspired by a number of different time periods and would fit very well underneath a Viking or medieval costume. It’s a classic t-tunic shape, which leaves lots of room under the arms for swinging swords, climbing trees, and other activities. It covers them from their neck down to the knees, with sleeves that are tapered at the end but aren’t too tight. It closes at the neck with a sewn-in string, which can be tied shut or left open depending on what is comfortable. There is a split in the middle of the tunic at the front and back, which leaves plenty of space for running, jumping, lunging and more without accidentally ripping it. Gores and gussets have been used in the bottom of the tunic and under the arms to give extra volume. It has quite a loose fit (which can be brought in for a more fitted look with the help of a belt).

We chose to make this from 100% flax linen because it’s such a popular fabric in our adult line, especially for undertunics. Even though the linen starts off a little rough, it softens up quickly with your body heat and becomes an incredibly gentle textile. The natural properties of linen mean that it will wick away sweat and remain breathable, protecting your child’s outer clothes from getting smelly as quickly and also giving them a really comfortable base layer. This wonderful natural fabric stays cool and breezy in hot weather and provides much-needed insulation in cold weather, making it one of our all-time favorites to work with! This tunic is very well constructed and most of the seams are hidden (only a few pieces of overlocking are visible, even on the inside). We have used our usual ArmStreet tailoring techniques to make sure it is well made and ready to accompany you on any journey!

Something to keep in mind when purchasing medieval clothing for your child is that modern kids are used to stretchy fabrics and garments with zippers. They are used to putting their heads in first and then stretching their arms into the sleeves. Medieval clothing made from linen, wool, and cotton doesn’t have that same stretch to it, so your child may feel that it fits too tightly or doesn’t feel “right”, simply because the fit and fabric feel unusual to them. We advise making sure they start putting on a tunic by getting their arms into the sleeves first and then “diving” into the neck hole with their head. Before dressing your little one in medieval clothing for the first time, we recommend having a conversation about how it’s going to fit and feel differently from their modern clothes at first, just so they’re prepared for the new experience.

This tunic is only available in one width and allows room to grow.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Pay attention to one important thing: most kids, especially when it comes to smaller ones, are used to wearing way softer clothing, which is usually made of extremely soft and stretch fabric. So there is a chance your kid won't be happy dealing with medieval clothes limitations and natural fabric early on. As we experimented on our own kids, statistically all of them get used to this after a while – normally when linen gets softer and shapes a tad on the owner's body. But please be very conscious about it in the beginning and make sure your kid is really comfortable with the medieval costume. We tried our best to make this clothing as comfortable and loose and flowing as possible, but natural fabric and ancient patterns have their disadvantages, so the final decision is on you: we can't guarantee that any kid will be comfortable wearing our medieval clothes.


  • 100% flax linen.


  • High quality all-natural fabric;
  • Medieval or Viking inspired;
  • Sweat-wicking base layer;
  • T-tunic shape;
  • Split at the front and back;
  • Underarm gussets.

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