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Matted Leather “Forest” Boots

Mens brown knee high boots

$269 $229

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Medieval Knight Fantasy Boots “Forest”

Mens brown knee high boots

Still looking for excellent medieval boots to go with your knightly appearance? Stop here, you've just found them! The new brown version of the Forest boots looks incredibly authentic and feels comfortable.

Made of genuine pigskin leather, these knee-high boots are ready for anything. Elasticity of natural leather and unique design allow a close fit, hugging the lower legs. All the advantages of high bootlegs and wide cuffs, that can be worn either up or down, will prove themselves in full in the field conditions. Finally, annoying insects, mosquitoes, and thorns will fail to attack your calves, same as morning dew and slush won't wet your feet. Even neglecting greaves during the battle, the sturdy bootlegs come in handy and provide tolerable protection from a glancing blow and accidental scratches.

Lacing going all way down to the ankle and hidden elastic band below it allow the shaft to expand for a custom, secure fit. A heavy duty rubber sole gives them a sturdy base and guards the wearer against slips. While they feature a historic design, Forest medieval boots are rugged enough to traverse through a variety of terrains and uses. Get 3-in-1 at a time: boots for costume needs, occasional and casual wear!

Using modern lasts, we've made these boots so comfortable that you can wear them for a long without tiring. An unrivaled choice if you're used to wearing sneakers, but need them to compliment your medieval look. Come in several fixed sizes, and can be custom made to fit non-standard feet.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Important note: Brown, Natural and Cream leather shades may vary, as unfortunately we can't control color of leather which comes from our suppliers. Sometimes it may be darker or lighter, so if tone of the leather is important factor for you, please contact us before purchase to ascertain which color exactly we have in stock at the moment. Thank you for understanding.


  • Genuine leather;
  • Rubber outsole.


  • Close fit;
  • Knee high;
  • Wide cuffs;
  • Adjustable lacing;
  • Modern shoe last.

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  • Ashley 23 of November 2019:

    Hi Armstreet! Noticed that Matte Blue Leather is available for the Dark Star boots. Could these be made of the same leather? Also, is it possible to lift the heels inside the boot (ie hidden heel) by 1-2cm? My feet get super sore in totally flat footwear and if these are made to fit like a glove, I’d be worried I wouldn’t be able to fit insoles or arch support in them.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Ashley, yes we can make it in Matte Blue Leather upon request. Please leave it in the comment to your order. These boots already have hidden orthodic heel inside. 

  • Lex 22 of July 2019:

    If I ordered these boots soon (before this month is out) would the get to me before the first of October? I would need a size 6 which is an additional wait time

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Lex, yes you will receive them on time. Please leave a comment to your order with the deadline so we could make sure you receive the order before then. 

  • Dan 03 of September 2018:

    I just wore these for the first time and they're great for a full weekend in the outdoors. I cleaned the dried mud with brush and then mild soap and warm water, but what conditioner can or should I use?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Dan! Thank you for your feedback! You are welcome to use any leather conditioner (suitable for the footwear). 

  • Jenny 28 of August 2018:

    Could these be made in a woman's size 5?


    Hi Jenny! These boots can be made for a woman in custom size only. Please simply select custom size option and leave a comment to your order that boots are for a woman. 

  • Daniel 28 of August 2018:

    If the boots are not comfortable to wear do you accept returns?


    Hi Daniel! You can easily return pre-made boots (fixed size) if they are not worn. Kindly check our return policy on custom size products. 

  • Tim 13 of February 2018:

    Hello, I was thinking of ordering a custom sized pair of these boots. I was wondering, if I intend on putting insoles in the boots should I do the measurements with the insole?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Tim, the measurements should be taken without the insoles. However, please leave a comment to your order that insoles will be used. 

  • Tim 01 of February 2018:

    Hello, I love the look of these boots. I was just wondering if it were possible when placing a custom sized order to also request that the laces be centered in the front instead of slightly off center as they seem to be? Thank you.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Tim, unfortunately, it is not possible, sorry. 

  • John 06 of December 2017:

    Hello, I was wondering if these boots had the hidden heel like in the high fantasy "forest" boots? Thank you.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Yes, these boots are exactly the same as the Forest boots, only the
    leather is a bit different.

  • Raili Raine 05 of December 2017:

    Hey,If I like boots that are actually "mens" boots then if I have womens Euro 42 would the mens 9 then be OK for me? 

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, these boots can be made for a woman in custom size. 

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12 Feedbacks

  • BK 24 of December 2021:

    Absolutely awesome, These combine functionality with style, like the other reviews; do yourself a favor and pick up a comfy pair of insoles. Your feet with thank you. This is probably the most expensive piece of my cosplay and it's totally worth it. Leather is great quality. I recommend!

  • Angela 23 of October 2021:

    I adore these boots! The first pair I purchased were an in stock item and I now have to resole them for I wore them nearly everyday for a year. The pair I just purchased I ordered custom sizing. I highly recommend this option! It is well worth the extra charge. The new ones fit so much better than my first pair. I can see myself resoling these ones before long.

  • Patrick 18 of August 2021:

    The boots look great! The fit is good but required buying better insoles for support. However, I gave only 2 stars because the boots have almost no traction, which is very disappointing given the high price. I reached out to the customer support but they offered no help and would not allow a return for refund.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Patrick, the boots cannot be returned since they were already used and the condition of the product is not new anymore, unfortunately.

  • Andrew 23 of September 2020:

    These boots are great. I bought them primarily for the renaissance faire, but took them on a 4 mile hike to try them out and these are my thoughts.. Really comfortable. Once they're on, they feel solid. Stitching is very well done, I thought the bottom would be slippery since it's flat but it is surprisingly really grippy and I had no problem getting over a couple of downed trees on the trail. I will say, if you plan to use this for any kind of extended period, put some kind of insole in. I could feel it in my feet just from the 4 miles, and if you plan on LARPing an entire weekend or anything like that, you'll feel it. The ankle support on these is great, my ankles like to give way if I don't have high top shoes for hiking, but these were excellent. I think with a proper insole, these would actually be pretty enjoyable to hike in. I typically wear a 9.5 in mens, I got the size 10 and it is just a little big too big for me. I have to double up on socks, but then it's really comfortable if I do that. But, if you are at a half size, maybe consider sizing down.

  • Craig 25 of July 2020:

    I will start by saying I am 6 feet tall and 195 lbs, so pretty average for an adult male. I just received my Size 11 (American) Forest Boots in Matte Brown. I usually wear a Size 11 1/2 (American) in tennis shoes (New Balance and Adidas). I went by the sizing on the website, paying attention only to the length of the foot. There is a 1/2" space at the end of the toe box, which is perfect for boots. I must say, they are a fantastic fit and the speed lacing is amazing for getting them just right all the way up the shaft. The leather smells fantastic, and they are quite comfortable so far. I wore them without socks for about 4 hours and my feet are doing just fine. Then I switched to regular athletic socks, and it made the boots fit a little more snug, but still very comfortable. I will recommend them when discussing costuming with anyone!

  • Samuel Clark 13 of July 2020:

    These boots are better than expected. The leather is supple and the fit is perfect. I wore them around doing my chores today and they were fantastic. The bottom sole grips well and the rest of the boot fits like a glove. As someone who wears cowboy boots quite a bit, I was expecting a break in period. Not the case with these, comfortable from the get go. They don't feel like running shoes mind you, but for walking around all day they are perfect and look super. I might try an insole to get a little more comfort, but that is only because I have some medical issues with my feet, and even at that I was very pleased today. A huge thumbs up!!!

  • Afik 14 of April 2020:

    This boots are amazing! they are fit perfect!

  • Matt 31 of October 2019:

    Great pair of boots, they fit well and arrived before they were supposed to. Very happy with them!

  • Jason 29 of June 2019:

    Great quality. The size chart was spot on to what I would normally wear in US mens sizes. Looking forward to showing them off at my local faire in a couple months!

  • RMC 29 of May 2019:

    I am extremely thrilled with my boots and cannot wait to wear them to an event. After watching the measuring tutorial, I ordered a custom size and noted they were for a woman. Thank you so very much. They fit like a dream.

  • Beth 17 of May 2019:

    I ordered a pair of these boots in the brown matte leather and was really surprised with how quickly the order arrived to me in the US. The boots fit great right out of the box and are incredibly comfortable. I would say that these are true to size; I ordered a men's size 7 although I normally wear women's shoes. I have been wearing them every day for the last week and have not had any issues; the laces stay tied and there haven't been any problems with interior rubbing on heels or otherwise. I'm just really happy with these boots!

  • Gareth 04 of January 2018:

    I just recieved these boots and I am blown away by the quality and craftsmanship. They are so comfortable to wear and the leather is beautiful to behold. The only negative i can say is, I must, now, increase the quality of the rest of my costume. Fortunately I also bought a few other Viking goodies from Armstreet too.

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