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“Dark Star” Linen Gambeson Sleeves

Padded crop-top for women


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“Dark Star” Linen Gambeson Sleeves

Padded crop-top for women

Need to change up your look? Why not add new gambeson sleeves to your sleeveless doublet or vest? It’s an easy way to add variety and give yourself another costuming option without committing to a whole new gambeson or arming doublet. It gives you padding on your most important limbs and will work brilliantly as a little bit of extra protection in formats of fighting where just your arms are exposed. It’s up to you if you want to just wear these sleeves on their own as a jacket, or combine them with the matching vest to create a full gambeson – we have designed this new set to be customizable so that you can mix and match between designs, fabrics, and sizes.

Here at ArmStreet, we are passionate about designing functional items that add value to your medieval experience. When it came to designing a female gambeson, we wanted to make sure we were offering something truly special that our customers would love. Every aspect of this item is thought through and carefully crafted to suit the female body completely and offer you the best gambeson experience possible!

The base inspiration for this gambeson came from XIV-XV century examples. These garments were often tightly fitted, lightly padded, and overall very attractive. From the shoulder down to the base of your wrist, these gambeson arms are padded, starting out with decent armpit coverage and tapering down to be more narrow at the wrist. At the bottom, the wrist is split up your forearm to make it easy to put on, as well as allow it to be more comfortable under armor. The bodice is well fitted across your bust and is unpadded to help with heat regulation and airflow. Metal eyelets are used up the middle of the crop top in order to lace it shut, which means any garment worn overtop will sit flat instead of bulging as it would if it was closed with buckles.

This gambeson is made from 100% flax linen and is padded with natural batting. Flax linen is soft and breathable, making it the ideal fabric for warmer climates, or for fighters who tend to overheat and get sweaty. All aspects of this gambeson are well finished, including contrasting edges, welted interior seams, and intelligently patterned quilting to ensure that it doesn’t just feel comfortable to fight in, but look great, too!

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  • 100% flax linen;
  • Natural batting;
  • Metal eyelets;
  • Cord.


  • Natural, breathable padding;
  • Flattering quilting;
  • Mix and match with vests;
  • Contrasting lining and borders;
  • Lace-up for a good fit;
  • Breathable linen;
  • Split from wrist to forearm.

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